Breaking News: South Sudanese hotels are run by terrorist from Lebanon

LEAKS: Owner of Crown Hotel, South Sudan’s Consul in Lebanon is allegedly a financier of terrorists in Middle East

The Honorary Consul of South Sudan to the government of Lebanon is allegedly a fugitive wanted by Paraguayan authorities, America’s FBI and CIA for financing Hezbollah—a Lebanese armed group designated as a terrorist organisation.

Ali Myree is the owner of Crown Hotel and owns several companies with strong ties to South Sudan’s military. He was appointed last year as the Honorary Consul in December and issued a South Sudanese passport in the lead up to that in September.

Ali Myree has been identified as Ali Khalil Merhi. He was accused of taking part in organising suicide bombing of a Jewish Community Centre (AMIA) in Argentina in 1994 that killed 85 people.

He was arrested in 2000 by Paraguayan police but escaped from custody. He is wanted by the FBI and the CIA, accused of piracy by the Japanese-based transnational Sony, and investigated because he is considered a strong financier of Hezbollah terrorist activities.

A lot of Lebanese businesses like AFK Concept which was awarded millions in contract by the Ministry of Heath in South Sudan are alleged to be Hezbollah affiliated businesses.

Akot Lual sets free by Salva Kirr against Wani Igga’s will


July 23, 2020 (JUBA) – Security authorities in South Sudan released a presidential adviser on minority affairs, lessening tensions that have arisen within the presidency following his arrest last week.

Akot Lual Arech (ST photo)

Akot Lual Arech, a Presidential Adviser on Murle Affairs and who sees himself an advocate for the rights of minority tribes in the country, was arrested on Saturday on directives allegedly emanating from senior government officials discontented with the manner in which he involves himself in what are supposedly activities falling in purviews and constitutional prerogatives of different institutions.

A presidential source told Sudan Tribune on Wednesday talks involving president Salva Kiir who was allegedly caught unaware of what transpired, resulted in his release, stopping security and judicial measures to investigate reasons surrounding his detention.

“The president was unaware when Akot Lual was arrested. He learned from the relatives and his guards afterwards. When he learnt of this and was not convinced by the explanations given to him by those around him, he directed that he should be released, and the authorities acted immediately,” a relative said when reached to comment on the circumstance behind the detention.

A security official said separately Akot was detained because of his activities, some of which extend into activities of the institutionally established organs of the government.

“This is a guy who has no assignment at the presidency, but you find him negotiating a peace agreement with some groups. Now he is negotiating with Paul Malong and nobody has authorized him. You know that he had already negotiated with David Yauyau and that the outcome of his negotiation created the Pibor administrative area”.

“Now he wants to negotiate with Paul Malong and I hear Paul Malong is asking for a position of a vice president which Akot and his group have accepted. So, people want to know from him who gave him this power to negotiate with armed groups, asked a security source when contacted to comment on what he knows behind the detention of the presidential aide,” he told Sudan Tribune.

He acknowledged Lual had been released following directives from higher authorities to stop whatever that was being done and to set him free.

“Yes, he has been released because directives came from higher authorities that he should be released and people will talk to him to stop these activities or he is given an official assignment to continue with his activities”, he explained. “This is all that is required to avoid confusion with regards to his role, he adds.

Family members expressed happiness following the release of the presidential aide.

“As the family and his friends, we are grateful that he is released. He is a free man now. I just came from his house where I went to see him after he was released. Akot is a good man. He wants this senseless conflict to stop. He wants peace to come so that people resume a normal way of living,” he explained.

Observers are keen to describe the arrest as part of a political strategy aimed at deflecting attention from his role in the Jonglei conflict in which he is seen by a section of the Dinka Bor as favouring ethnic Murle in the way he manages the dispute between the rivals. Sources allege that he had been airlifting to Juba from Pibor areas those who have been wounded during communal fights in Jonglei.


Breaking News: Peter Biar Ajak escapes to US

South Sudanese economist Peter Biar Ajak speaks to Reuters as he arrives at Dulles International Airport in Virginia, after fleeing Kenya with his family to the U.S., July 23, 2020. REUTERS/Leah Millis

Peter Biar Ajak landed at Dulles Airport outside Washington with his wife and three small children after traveling from Nairobi. He told Reuters that top South Sudanese officials whom he declined to identify had warned him that Kiir had ordered a team to abduct or murder him in the Kenyan capital.
Ajak said SUVs with South Sudanese plates followed him in Nairobi, where he moved in February after about 18 months in prison in South Sudan. He was pardoned in January of charges he had disturbed the peace by speaking to the foreign media.
“About five weeks ago I received information that the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, had ordered the National Security Service… to either kill me in Nairobi or abduct me and bring me back to South Sudan,” Ajak told Reuters.

Asked why Kiir may have wished to have him killed or captured, Ajak said he believed South Sudan’s president felt threatened by his efforts to expose corruption and promote democracy in the country, which gained independence in 2011 and was mired in civil war from 2013 to 2018.
Ajak founded the South Sudan Young Leaders Forum, a non-profit group that has published scathing criticisms of the South Sudanese leadership and has sought to rally the country’s young people to demand better governance and an end to violence.
South Sudan’s government flatly denied Ajak’s allegation that Kiir sent a hit squad after him in Nairobi.
“That is complete nonsense. He was here when he was pardoned by the president and allowed to go abroad. He should not associate anything that comes his way with the government of South Sudan,” Ateny Wek Ateny, South Sudan’s presidential press secretary, told Reuters in Juba.

“The government of South Sudan does not attempt, or even need, to kill anybody outside the country,” Ateny added.
Reuters could not independently verify Ajak’s claims that Kiir ordered a squad to kill or capture him.
Ajak’s representative, human rights lawyer Jared Genser, provided a photograph of a white SUV with South Sudanese plates which he said had followed Ajak in Nairobi. Genser said the plates were not in South Sudan’s car registry and were typical of those used by the government’s National Security Service.
Reuters also reviewed emails from June that showed the U.S. State Department regarded Ajak’s allegation as sufficiently credible to grant him a U.S. visa.
“The circumstances of Peter’s case are clear,” said one U.S. official in an email.

A State Department spokesman who declined to be identified said the agency was aware of Ajak’s safe arrival and referred all questions about his immigration status to the Department of Homeland Security.
South Sudan plunged into civil war in 2013 after a political disagreement between Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar deteriorated into a military confrontation.
Ajak has been publicly critical of the way Kiir and Machar approached peace talks to end the civil war. He said South Sudan needed to hold elections but said it was too soon to say whether he might run.
In 2018, South Sudan ended five years of civil war that killed an estimated 400,000 people, caused a famine and created a massive refugee crisis, but Kiir and Machar’s disagreements have kept the peace process from being concluded.
In an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Ajak accused Kiir of “cruelty” and said he had “exploited the chaos to delay elections, first from 2015 to 2018, and then to 2021. They must not be delayed again.”

While thanking President Donald Trump for giving him refuge, he also called on the United States to impose additional targeted sanctions against South Sudanese officials who he said had committed atrocities.
The White House and the State Department did not immediately responded to requests for comment on the call for more sanctions.

Is Denay Chagor A Puppet?

By: Tut Kuany Kok

First of all I would like to say that I’m not against Hon. Denay Jock Chagor in person but I’m against his lack of leadership prowess and mental dexterity. As I attentively listened to his yesterday’s unfathomable and incomprehensive speech, I realized that something isn’t alright. Someone powerful is pulling the spring on his behalf. In his speech, he began by using the SPLA’s bloody and destructive slogan, the “OYEE” but the question is that, his he from the SPLM Party? I know the answer would be that he is from SSUM within SSOA Coalition. But is he the Government’s Agent?

Again, he failed to mentioned his godfather, the late Gen Peter Gatdet Yak who brought him to power. He didn’t even paid vague homage to him. Instead, he recognized Salva Kiir like he was the one who brought him to leadership arena. What is that indicated?

Discriminatively, he didn’t even appreciate the relentless efforts made by Cde Josephine Lagu, the Chairlady of SSOA who endorsed him to the the gubernatorial seat of the shambolic state of Jonglei. But his main focus base on Makuei Lueth, he mentioned him time immemorial and others who know nothing about how he came to political limelight. Is the SSOA dead? Therefore, these all things amounted him to puppet who is not free from making his own decisions. Through his speech, he speak about “putting food on the table” instead of talking about insecurity in Jonglei. But will food come on the table when the state is terribly bleeding? Will the food come on the table when someone is handling him like a pet?

In conclusion, I’m asking Hon. Denay to use his wisdom and ability to bring peace in Jonglei Inspite of him being use by the senior politicians for their own benefits. However, the first mistake he did during his tenure as the Minister of Higher Education ought not to repeat itself. He need to work independently since he came from his own party according to the TGONU. But working under the influence of someone like Makuei Lueth and others will let him to bury his political ambition. He should understand that he has some powers of which he should not be directed by anybody else. Good luck to him!

Breaking News: Denay Chagor is denying late Gen. Peter Gatdet in Jonglei now

In his first appearance as a Governor of Jonglei State, Denay Chagor went back to old slogan of SPLM Oyee.

Source are saying Denay is afraid to mention Gen. Peter Gatdet because he killed a General from Bor

Breaking News: former Gov. of defunct Tonj State is captured alive by SPLM IO forces

Breaking News: former Gov. of defunct Tonj State is captured alive by SPLM IO forces

War broke between SPLM IO and June ba regime forces in Tonj County

The IO forces in Mapel Contentment side has been fighting the Regime forces coming from Tonj County.

Unconfirmed source is saying a General from IO in Mapel arrested and taken away by soldiers from Regime and no one knows his whereabouts up to now.

After learning the disappearance of their General, SPLM IO army in Mapel Contentment side demand the releases of their General and ended up with the confrontations with the Regime forces. The regime forces were defeated and got reinforcements from Tonj of 9 cars with the former Governor of Tonj.

They fought and IO army captured all of them included the former Governor himself and his closed associates.

They are now in IO army custody demanded exchange with the IO colonel, if the former Governor has to be released.

Breaking News: SPLA-IO spy chief flees assassination attempt – sources

July 16, 2020 (Nyamilepedia)
– The SPLA-IO intelligence chief, General Dhiling Keah, has survived an assassination attempt on his life in the capital Juba, several sources with direct knowledge said.

The incident, one source said from Juba, took place about more than a week ago at Hai Thawra near the University of Juba. The source said a group of unknown gunmen tried to spot him from among the people but was rushed into a car.

“There was attempt to kill General Dhiling Keah by unknown gunmen. They are unknown gunmen because we don’t know them by name. We saw their faces, but we don’t know where they belong,” the SPLA-IO source said from Juba this morning.

Another source separately said that Dhiling has traveled to Nairobi, but could not confirm if the travel to the neighboring country was triggered by the said attempt on his life.


“He has traveled to Kenya. I don’t know if he went there because of last week’s incident,” the source said.

Nyamilepedia could not confirm the authenticity of the news as several phone calls to the SPLA-IO deputy spokesman in Juba, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, were unanswered.

July 16, 2020 (Nyamilepedia)
– The SPLA-IO intelligence chief, General Dhiling Keah, has survived an assassination attempt on his life in the capital Juba, several sources with direct knowledge said.

The incident, one source said from Juba, took place about more than a week ago at Hai Thawra near the University of Juba. The source said a group of unknown gunmen tried to spot him from among the people but was rushed into a car.

“There was attempt to kill General Dhiling Keah by unknown gunmen. They are unknown gunmen because we don’t know them by name. We saw their faces, but we don’t know where they belong,” the SPLA-IO source said from Juba this morning.

Another source separately said that Dhiling has traveled to Nairobi, but could not confirm if the travel to the neighboring country was triggered by the said attempt on his life.


“He has traveled to Kenya. I don’t know if he went there because of last week’s incident,” the source said.

Nyamilepedia could not confirm the authenticity of the news as several phone calls to the SPLA-IO deputy spokesman in Juba, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, were unanswered.

Upper Liberation Front condemns the killing Prof, Aban Akol Ajawin

The Upper Nile Liberation Front condemns the Dinka of Apadang Community of Upper Nile for advocating for the destruction of the entire Greater Upper Nile region that resulted in a Killing if Prof. Thomas Aban Akol Ajawin, a member of Shilluk tribes.

This act of violence will only further the sadness destruction of the entire region.

would like to call upon the Dinka Apadang to brought the culprit to face justice.

Breaking News: Lou Nuer will never forgive Gen. Peter Bol Koang, Civilian disarmament in northern Jonglei (December 2005—May 2006)

No description available.

The SPLA-led disarmament campaign in northern Jonglei was launched against a backdrop of simmering tensions over common property resources and politicized inter-ethnic rivalries.7 Problems emerged in December 2005 after Lou and Gawaar Nuer pastoralists requested permission from the Dinka Hol and Nyarweng from Duk county to graze cattle on their lands.

The Dinka civil authorities requested that the Nuer pastoralists surrender their weapons before grazing their livestock. The Lou Nuer summarily refused, noting that disarmament had never been a precondition. Informal meetings were held with representatives of the white army,8 the Dinka from Duk county, Nuer from Ayod and Fangak counties, and the Jonglei State government. During these meetings it was stressed that a forcible campaign would take place if weapons were not surrendered voluntarily. One reason many civilians were reluctant to disarm was that the terms of the campaign were never entirely clear. Compensation was offered by the Jonglei governor, Philip Thon Lek, a Nyarweng Dinka from Duk county, for voluntarily returned arms, but details concerning the source of these funds were lacking. Not surprisingly, the Lou and Gawaar Nuer refused to hand over their weapons, arguing with some justifi cation that they needed them to defend themselves against neighbouring Murle, who retained their weapons. Simultaneous disarmament was not on offer. A rash of minor skirmishes between the white army and the SPLA erupted during the early stages of the disarmament campaign in January 2006. 9 Crucially, clashes included members of a group within the South Sudan Defence Force (SSDF) led by Simon Gatwitch that had joined the SPLA following the Juba Declaration. In the ensuing mayhem, SPLA forces were scattered, many dying of thirst and hunger. Wutnyang Gatkek, a spiritual leader of the Nuer from Fangak and, more critically, a former white army member, was one of the fi rst people killed when he went to Yuai on behalf of the SPLA to sell the disarmament programme.10 His death amounted to a symbol of the SPLA’s ineffectiveness in convincing local youth to turn in their weapons. It also threatened the onset of inter-clan confl ict between the Nuer and the Dinka, further intensifying demands within the SPLA for military retaliation. Following the white army attack on the SPLA, the Juba leadership of the SPLM/A was seized with the issue. GoSS Security Committee members were divided between those calling for swift retribution against the white army, and those urging restraint. These tensions mirrored deeper splits, between supporters of the previous SPLM/A leader John Garang and those of his successor, Salva Kiir, the current president of the GoSS

14 April 2006 — The South Sudan United Democratic/South Sudan Defense Force (SSUDA/SSDF) would like to inform the Government of Sudan as the “sovereign” power, the international community, the international media, the United Nations and the European Union (EU) that the SPLA has launched a “genocidal and ethnic cleansing war” against the innocent civilian population or “soft targets” in the South. The clear ambition of the SPLA is not to liberate and govern the South democratically but to carry out a program of a “final solution” against targeted ethnic groups and the Nuer nation one the largest, strongest and potentially rich in oil and natural gas, including other strategic critical minerals. The world and the proponents of the corrupt SPLA should know on the onset that the Nuer nation would not accept marginalization, extermination and undemocratic rule in South Sudan. We have the guts and gusto to resist only the SPLA but anyone that supports this monster. The world should know that the SSDF has the capacity to fight the SPLA effectively and professionally. SSDF will not standby doing nothing to protect the civilian population. It will be obliged to undertake “surgical operations” on “hard targets.” to inflict causalities and to halt the massacres, slaughtering and killings throughout South Sudan. Thus far, every attack launched by the SPLA has failed. Tension is high in Malakal town. It would be in the best interest of ant SPLA elements in the area to get out before it is too late.

The Intergovernmental Authority and Development (IGAD), the four sponsors of the so-called CPA in 2005, namely, the USA, the UK, Norway and Italy) and the backers of the SPLA led by killers, renegades and hooligans has declared an onslaught war of genocide, ethnic cleansing and war of attrition against the civilian population. The population targeted for genocide and ethnic cleansing war have been the Nuer one of the largest, strongest, and potential rich and gas in oil in the South. The world should know that the Nuer have the ability to take the fight to SPLA. It has the capacity to occupy all the SPLA controlled areas. No civilians expected to surrender their arms to none-sovereign entity the so-called GOSS in Juba. The SPLA strategy to disarm the civilian population by means of an armed force has failed

The current situation in the South begun with the SPLM/A forces under the command of Cdr. Gony Gai attacked on Yuai town in the Lou-Nuer in Central Upper Nile on 27 February 2006. In this incident, women and children were the victims. Two senior SPLM/A commanders Wut Nyang Gatkek and Gatluak Dak Dieth killed on the spot and Cdr. Thomas Tut Thouch captured and released later. In the aftermath of this provoked incident against innocent civilians, they moved as the dry season approaches to the grazing lands in the Toich (Sudd) (swamps) on the Zeraf River approximately 60 miles West of Yuai. The Yuai incident received no publicity before the UN that has also failed to publicize it.

The second wave of attack against civilian occurred in the Toich under the Command of Cdr. Peter Bol Koang forced out of the Lou-Nuer area in the previous attacked on Yaui. Evidently, Cdr. Peter Bol Koang who defected to SPLA with Dr. Riak Machar in 2000 had orders and directed by his superiors in Juba to undertake a program of selective disarmament of the Nuer on the East Bank perceived to backbone of the anti-Dinka power elite domination.

In the first attack, Cdr. Peter Bol Koang forces were repelled and his Headquarter in Kuacdeng 8 mile south of Ayod captured, including many non-lethal light weapons, ammunition, and Lorries. The SPLA has kidnapped Nuer children and commandeered retreated southwards to Poktab to await reinforcement from Juba and Bhar el-Ghazel. After the arrival of the reinforcement, they launched a second wave of attacked on a cattle kraal killing more than 300 civilian including 60 white Army fighters. They also rustled cattle. This incident could have serious if the SPLA fails to return the kidnapped children to their parents and the rustled cattle to rightful owners.

Jiesh in boor (the White Army) the local SSDF civil defense forces to protect civilian before the arrival of the SSDF regulars initiated the third attack and retook the Kraal. They have repelled and scattered a complete SPLA Brigade under the command of Cdr. Peter Bol Koang. The White Army captured more than a 1000 light weapons (AK-47s and light machine guns), and 3 14.5 (four barrels each) and one BM 23mm all mounted on cars. The White Army is now pursuing the disarrayed SPLA soldiers. They have now captured Kuacdeng, Dukpadiet, Dukmalwal and Poktap, which is the Headquarters of the SPLA for the Greater Upper Nile Region.


On 5 April 2006, the SPLA forces commanded by Bai-Bai Kam launched an attacked on cattle kraal around Makak Village in Eastern Jikang (Cieng Lony). The White Army resisted the selective and provocative disarmament. The SPLA forces retreated to their Headquarter in Jikmiir approximately 18 miles East of Nasir.

On 13 April 2006, the local white Army in Jikmiir (Cieng Nyalieth) launched an attacked the farces and unwanted SPLA elements in the area. They were dispersed o scattered and the SPLA lost of their comrades including officers. NCOS has reported to Nasir and there whereabouts is unknown. They feared dead or captured because they have neither reported to Nasir.


On 12 April 2006, SPLA forces under the command of Johannes Yoal Bath with Lou- launched a revenged attacked on Ulang killing more than 30 people including civilian and soldiers.

According to our sources from Walgak, Central Upper Nile, the attack was a retaliatory measure for the previous attacked on them by SPLA in Eastern Jikany. Specifically, the complaint of the Lou-Nuer Section Jamai/Gatliek) has been that they lost large number of cattle have been rustled in Nyayin on the East Bank of Sobat River because of the past attacks of SPLA and Jikany combined. All these complication have been designed and executed by the most wanted and the most notorious criminal Cdr. George Athor Deng who massacred by burning worshipers in the Church in Ayod has been implicated in the incidents. Additionally, SSUDA/SSDF sources in Malakal have confirmed that the SPLA forces that attached Ulang were under the command of Johannes Yoal Bath who recently defected from the SSDF with General Paulino Matip Nhial to the SPLA. It is the dame Cdr. Johannes Yoal Bath second time to launch such an attack against the civilian in the same area in May 1994 when he gave orders for Nasir town to be burned to ashes. We have information that SPLA has also launched an attack against civilian population on Gila River.

We documented these events to show the world that the SPLM-Khartoum Peace Agreement would soon be in jeopardy. SSUDA/SSDF would soon react to all above-mentioned violations by the SPLA. The goal of the SPLA is to provoke a situation for the UN to intervene at the behest of the SPLA. This is not the purpose of the UN in south Sudan. It purposes is to keep the peace. Nevertheless, the UN has defaulted on many occasions by not having reported extensively and accurately the SPLA activities against the southern population. SSUDA leadership the political wing of the SSDF believes that somebody somewhere is running the shots in favor of the SPLA.

Let us assume that this is the ingenuous strategic plan of the UN Special Envoy Mr. Pronk and The UN Secretary-General, Special Advisor, Dr. Francis Mading Deng, on Sudan, then, it only would be fair to state that the two are doing a political disservice to the UN. They are trying really pushing the South to a new brink of civil war that could produce serious consequences disfavoring the hated SPLA throughout the South.

The political situation is in our favors in the whole South, whereby the SSDF has gained the full support and trust of the local civilians. Although the SSDF is behind all the operations, the white army in all fronts, except the one JIU, visibly leads the operation to show the USAID the main backer of the brutal SPLA. They are backing a criminal organization against South Sudanese people. The recent SPLA war of genocide and extermination against civilian population throughout South Sudan shows the rest of the world that the SPLM/A is the worst enemy of its own people than the north Sudan despite the SPLA false impression that they are liberators.

The SSDF is only directing the war or playing a support unit s role. Moreover, that sounds very painful on the US policy makers that is defeat by it self, since they have done everything for the Dinka power elite to wipe out population using the Dinka ethnic group. The current ongoing strategic US policy in South Sudan has failed. It contradicts the current President Bush’s dream of exporting democracy. It is too late for the Dinka to conquer the fighting Nuers. Historically, the Dinka have never ever ruled anyone n the South. On the other hand, the Nuer have historically occupied and assimilated the Dinka for generations. We know that Dr. Francis Mading Deng, the lobbyists and the so-called smart-ass “white boys” expertise have misled the US Congress and the American people about the current situation in South Sudan. The SPLA is not, I repeat, is not the legitimate Government of South Sudan (GOSS) because it does not have the political mandate from the people of south Sudan. It is not transparent, comprehensive and inclusive. It is corrupt and too ethnocentric and undemocratic entity.

Therefore, it is a time now to launch a political offensive, to prepare the ground for take over of the GOSS because the operation will follow by kicking out of SPLA/M civil servants in those areas, and replaced by SSUDA/SSDF highly qualified, experienced and graduates civil services.

SSUDA urges and appeals to the GOS to do the right thing. It must and ought to suspend handing over the 50% of our oil revenue to a tribalist led and brutal government in Juba. Any continuing of such money the GOS will risk the oil business at this time. SSUDA/SSDF also calls on the GOS to negotiate in good faith with the political leaders as soon as possible. The SPLA provokes this situation because it is looking for an alibi to warrant the UN and the US intervention in Sudan.

We urge and appeal to the international community to suspend all payments of the pledged $4.5 b to the tribal government in Juba. We also urge and appeal to the US Department of State and the USAID to review their policy in south Sudan. It will not be in the best of interest of the United States in both short and long terms. The IGAD, the UK, the USA, Norway and Italy the main player on the peace in Sudan to convene an unconditional South-South dialogue for equitable power and wealth sharing between the SSUDA/SSDF and the SPLM/A. SSUDA/SSDF is on the record on this desire to dialogue. We call for the installation of a representative government, bureaucracy, and the separate south Sudan armed forces that have no loyalty to any party but the nation as a whole.

The current politico-military developments in South Sudan could trigger a bloody South-South civil war similar to Angola in the aftermath of independence in 1978 from Portugal and East Timor in the aftermath of the departure of Portugal in 1975, then, followed by illegal Indonesian occupation and the bloodshed in 1999 before independence in 2000. Have we not learned at all from the 1991-1994 devastations of inter-factional, inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic fighting? We should not allow history to repeat itself because we have forgotten it.

The South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF) General Staff Command remains on maximum alert because of SPLA incursions into our controlled areas and the oil fields. We urge and appeal to Mr. Salva Kiir and Dr. Riak Machar to immediate halt these provocative incursions because they could ignite a state of hostility between the mighty SSDF and the SPLA. We wanted to avert a South-South war. Let us unite democratically to determine the destiny of our people and country as equal. We have all fought in the South. Hence, anyone who thinks of marginalization of any groups in the affairs of the South is surely, out of his/her mind. The South does not belong to the SPLA or SSDF but it belongs to all.

- Signed; David D. Chand, SSUDA/ SSDF Vi

OPINION: James Gatdet’s hypocrisy!

By Tor Madira Machier

James Gatdet Dak Lampuar, the spokesman of Riek Machar, today wrote a piece of garbage in which the former NSS detainee lamented what he calls “Fake News.”

I am not defending the “Fake News” nor am I against James Gatdet creating a crazy Trump-like style against the media in South Sudan. I am not against Gatdet becoming another Michael Makuei Lueth at the office of the First Vice President.

I am simply saying that Gatdet should be the last person in South Sudan to talk against “Fake News” media. We all know what happened on Jul 8, 2016 and how James Gatdet Dak – who was in Nairobi at the time – covered that incident.

For the sake of reference, find what Gatdet wrote on Jul 8, 2016:

“BREAKING NEWS: Fighting erupted inside J1, President Salva Kiir’s PALACE, in the national capital Juba. The President and his commanders attempted to arrest the First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny. This came after the President called for a meeting in his office with Dr. Riek Machar and Vice President [second Vice President], James Wani Igga. This turned out to be a set up to arrest and possibly harm Dr. Machar. Fortunately, Dr. Machar’s bodyguards have managed to fight vigorously and rescued Dr. Machar. He is now safe! Meanwhile, fighting has continued,” Gatdet reported from Nairobi.

As we all see, Gatdet claimed that Salva tried to arrest Riek but failed because he was rescued by his bodyguards. We thought the then First Vice President was safe in Jebel where the SPLA-IO was based, or at least been rushed to the UN House in Tongping which is the nearest safe haven for Riek to be protected.

However, to our surprise, Dr. Riek happened to be seeking safety from within the very “Salva Kiir Palace” where Gatdet claimed that Kiir attempted to arrest him. As a result of this, the SPLA-IO base in Jebel sent in many fighters because they succumbed to James Gatdet’s fake news.

Is this fake news or not? Hundreds of men died on this day because the SPLA-IO base in Jebel, upon reading James Gatdet’s fake news, sent few cars to reinforce the over 50 men outside J1 thinking that James Gatdet’s fake new was real and then died in the process.

Is this what should be referred to as “fake news” or we should instead blame the media because it has reported that Salva Kiir has violated the agreement?

James Gatdet has also said in his small writing that some media houses have not been registered by Salva Kiir’s Media Authority. Until when, that you started the talk against unregistered media?

Are you not the very James Gatdet Dak who cried for the help of Nyamilepedia when Sudan Tribune reported on May 5, 2014, that Riek was killed in an air bombardment in Nasir or someone else? Did you first ask if Nyamilepedia is a registered media at the time?

A lot of organizations, my friend, have not been registered including the SPLM-IO, and which will never be registered as a political party in South Sudan because you have sold the SPLM-IO principals. So, IO is not registered, what is special with Nyamilepedia, and other news media which are not registered. Please, give us mercy from your propaganda my friend.

At Nyamilepedia, we speak with Ateny Wek Ateny, Makuei, and Lul Ruai Koang, all these officials pick up our calls and respond to our questions but, because of your hypocrisy you and your associates, don’t because you consider yourself something big just because you are the spokesman of the FVP, do you consider yourself more important than Ateny or Makuei?

Please all of you guys are power-hungry politicians and a bunch of criminals looking for power in the name of standing up for the Nuer community. It is better for us to stay silent on the media than to come up against each other. We really have a lot to say but because we are not seeking to let you down, that’s why you see us being silent like this.

Please control your writing and remind yourself that you are a spokesman for Riek Machar.

The author is a journalist and can be reached via:

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