South Sudan Disagrees With Rebels Over Size of Juba Advance-Team


  • Government will take 50 people, a 10th of amount rebels want
  • Team’s arrival is peace-process step to end two-year civil war

South Sudan’s government said it will only accept an advance rebel team in the capital that’s about a 10th the size of that nominated by the insurgents, potentially stalling a process to end two years of civil war.

The government is only willing to take between 36 and 50 people for incorporation into national institutions during the 30-month transitional period, presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny said by phone from Juba, the capital. Rebels had said they would send 550 representatives, starting from Dec. 1. None have arrived.

“The intentions of sending 550 at one go is unclear, whether they are military personnel or civilians,” Ateny said on Thursday. “We are not convinced as to what the 550 will be doing in Juba. They are almost a battalion.”

Tens of thousands of people have been killed in oil-producing South Sudan and over two million forced from their homes during fighting that resulted from a fracturing of the ruling party and army in December 2013.

Under an August pact, rebel leader Riek Machar will return as President Salva Kiir’s deputy for the 30-month period leading to elections. The transitional government was supposed to be established in late November. Clashes have continued even after several pledges to cease hostilities.

If rebels “remain adamant” over the numbers, the government will seek the intervention of regional monitors and a joint-commission that’s overseeing the power-sharing agreement, Ateny said.



  1. I strongly agree with government of South Sudan that Rebels the need to give brief details about each individual. I know most of these advances team are Ethiopia citizens. The arm opposition try to be smart but President Kiir is way smart than the army opposition failure of everything of wishes.
    Mathiang Anyaar

  2. Simon tor, what a stupid command u said.not only nuer residents of Ethiopia are in opposition all patriots nuer who fights for leadership.what a mindless man u are? sorry for u the dinka gay

    1. The Screening must be done by the government of South Sudan because no Nuer Citizens of South Sudan that remains under leadership of Riek Machar killer.
      South Sudan government must be very careful with these advances team because they are all Ethiopia citizens even Riek Machar is claiming Identity card from Ethiopia government.
      Any rebel must be hang after implementation of peace in Juba.

  3. why would U prefer to have thousands of Ugandans, Congolese and others natives than Nuer in Juba? Juba is a home for all of us and no one would denied any entrant to any one who is a citizen of this nation. Tor Deng, U better thing twice stop defending ur tribal leader Salva Kiir. U should n’t cry for what he had started.

  4. Uganda came to Juba in order to rescue Nuer civilians in Bor and Malakal ya Khor.
    Quote 1991 Nuer fought with Dinkas and Uganda was not participated in 1991 conflict but you were been defeated.
    Ya Khor put in your mind that Uganda came to participated in the war because Riek Machar sign the deal that Uganda must be a part of the rescue team in case of emergency in the country.
    So don’t blame me I did not sign the contract with Uganda only Riek Machar a lone.
    Let be fairly with judgment but Dinkas are not ready to fight anyone just only few Soldiers that are fighting to protect the capital city against rappers and looters.

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