Breaking News: SPLA IO forces closed in Yei town after capturing Korgulu

imagePress Release
By Lt Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
Deputy Military Spokesman SPLA IO

SPLA IO forces closed in Yei town after capturing Korgulu

SPLA IO operation base of Division 2B under the command of Maj. Gen John Mabieh in and around Korgulu came under the usual aggressive attack of government militias at about 0500hrs on 16/05/2017.

They were repulsed and pursued by our gallant force to Korgulu, Sanjasiri, Lutaya and TTC inside Yei. Over 50 government soldiers were killed and several injured including Col.Mayola Deng Guut who was rushed to Juba military hospital. We lost 3 freedom fighters and 7 injured. A good deal of weapons and ammunitions captured in good conditions.

As of now, our forces have surrounded major parts of Yei town, i.e TTC area, Hai Dam, Lutaya and New Site; government forces are confined inside Yei Barrack.

This evening the government forces aimlessly shelled all villages surrounding Yei mostly on areas occupied by civilians.
Civilians in Yei are being warned to vacate Yei town to avoid the usual targeted atrocities from the government militias. The struggle is on.

Viva Dr Riek Machar


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