NCDS Calls for Nuer Unity during the Upcoming Conference


PowerPoint PresentationMay 18, 2017 Nuer Community Development Services in United States Of America, the largest and most diverse community in the United States of America calls upon its members to embrace unity during the upcoming of the organization’s third international convention to be held on 27th of May, 2017 in Omaha Nebraska. The event is scheduled to take place at Wildwood Christian Church.

Speaking to Hanna Koang Dijiok the organization’s Chairlady on phone, Hanna calls upon all the Nuer to embrace the spirit of unity as they put mechanism forward to help the community face their current situations in United States and back home.

‘”It is for the community’s future. The conference will focus very much on the challenges facing the community here in the North America and back home in Africa”.

Similar event took place last week in Australia where hundreds sons and daughters of Nuer community came together to discuss their community’s challenges. Both conference calls for unity of the Nuer nation worldwide. Nuer in Africa are also set to schedule the same conference across the east Africa in the near future.

The community known for its resilience, hospital and bravery is the most affected by the current crisis in South Sudan with almost the entire population back in south Sudan displaced, thousands starving, and her young persons have the highest school dropped in across Africa.

Mrs. Kong believed it is time to set the community onto the path of unity and to embrace this spirit, war, famine, education are the focus.

“We shall discuss war and the famine threatening the existence of the Nuer nation. Education is also a focus point. We aspect thousands to attends the conference. It will be the starting point. We are set to discuss issues which threat Nuer existence economically, politically, and what social factors preventing the Nuer unity.”

While the current outgoing leadership is preparing the conference, several sons and daughters of the community are engages in campaign for the next leadership. Dak Reath Thon a candidate currently busy with wide spread campaign throughout the North America believed he is the right person for the next community’s top job.

“My leadership will focus very much on how to transform the community here in North America and how to help our people back home in Africa. The humanitarian crisis facing the Nuer in South Sudan top the list of our program.”

Dak who is doing everything to make sure he get the job compete with other aspirant like Williams Pay, former community’s secretary of information, and Abiath John Mark.

For the past few years, Nuer Community Development Services which is a nongovernmental organization continue to bring Nuer together.


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