36 people killed in Nanam attack by Bor youth: Official

May 18, 2017,

At least 36 people were killed and 84 women and children are missing after the recent attack on Nanam area in Boma State by Dinka Bor youth, a local official said.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday, John Achuan, Information Minister of Boma State, said at least 36 people, mostly women and children were killed in the recent attack on Nanam area.

He claimed that unconfirmed numbers of people were also killed in Kotchar and Manybol areas.

“They attacked Kotchar two days ago and they stole thousands of cattle and abducted some children. And at the same time when they attacked Nanam, they killed 36 people and they abducted nearly 84 children and women”

The state minister pointed out that many civilians were forced out of their homes in Kotchar area after the attack and that they are now seeking refuge in the bush.

Achuan noted that the Dinka Bor youth have not yet withdrawn from Boma areas as claimed by some Bor youth leaders.

But the spokesman of Dinka Bor youth Ayuel Guet claimed that they had withdrawn from Boma state.


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