• Barack Obama’s Presidency became a symbol of hope.

Although it can be argued just how much President Barack Obama truly helped the African American cause forward, what cannot be argued is the importance of the symbolism his presidency represented. With young Black children looking up at the television screen, seeing a reflection of themselves in the most powerful position in the world, there’s no doubt that President Obama’s presidency provided a much needed boost of confidence for our future leaders. The Obama presidency reminded our future leaders that they could dream and that systemic oppression should be allowed to limit their dreams.


  • Barack Obama’s Presidency illustrated the power of the black vote when concentrated.

With 96% of African Americans voting for Barack Obama in the 2008 election and 94% of African Americans voting for his presidency in the 2012 presidential election, Black voters showed just how important the Black vote is in the political process of electing progressive leadership. With the highest African American voter turnout in history giving former President Obama the edge over his competition (with the Black vote surpassing the white vote for the first time in American history during the 2012 election); it begs the question as to how much “change” could be brought about if these record numbers and turnouts were focused on a local and state level?


  • Barack Obama’s Presidency represented a historical accomplishment

With the historical disenfranchisement, racism, and mistreatment of African Americans in the United States, Barack Obama’s presidency represented a tremendous triumph for African Americans in the political environment. For years, the progeny of Jim Crow and voter suppression have strived to silence the African American community throughout the nation with both covert and overt statutes and local policy referenda. After decades of disappointing losses via the injustice system, miseducation system, etc; Barack Obama’s victory gave the African American community a sense of defying the odds after decades of systemic defeats.


  • Barack Obama’s Presidency captured Black Love and Black Excellence

With so many stereotypes of black women and men in our current society, Michelle and Barack Obama’s love highlighted the exact opposite of what is popularly believed. The tremendous beauty, class, elegance, and grace portrayed by Michelle Obama as opposed to the “hood rat/baby momma” portrayal that the dominant society and media continues to portray of black women was worth a standing ovation. The love that Barack Obama displayed for his Black wife and their two beautiful Black children very publicly completely dismantled the stereotypes of the black couples typically illustrated on television as unequally yoked and/or “dysfunctional”. The Obama White House bolstered Black excellence and exceptionalism and resonated with Black and non-Black people throughout the world.