Dinka Plans in 2016 to dominant South Sudan forever has been reveal


From Juba, SEP/14/2016, SSN;
June 10, 2017, After studying the different regions and peoples of
South Sudan to find out what the different tribes
think and do, here is the feedback from fellow Jieng
who work in different regions of South Sudan. On
how ready they are to advise on how best the Jieng
can rule South Sudan as per the Dinka culture.
Here below is our advice:
First, the Jieng were mistreated by the British
colonialists and after the departure of the British
upon South Sudan attaining independence, all the
tribes of South Sudan despised us. We had very few
educated Jieng, which led to all the top government
posts being filled by people from other tribe. This
made Jieng to envy other tribes.
We are now totally convinced that should we follow
to the letter what is stipulated in this document,
herewith known as The Dinka Development Plan
(DDP) Dinka shall rise and shine and we shall be
able to rule South Sudan for at least 200 years!
Fundamental steps to be taken by Jieng:
1. Increase the number of schools in Dinka states
and post in them highly educated teachers. We shall
take it upon ourselves to fill the schools with pupils
and students every year.
2. We must ensure that Jieng are made military
officers in order to equate the of non Dinka Military
Officers, or even to supersede them. We must not
accept the non-Dinka to boast that they are cleverer
than us.
3. With immediate effect, send Jieng students
abroad on scholarships. We must ensure that
vacancies are reserved for them in key government
positions to deter people from other tribes being
employed in such positions, such that our sons and
daughters get employed immediately upon their
return. In the unlikely event, should a non Dinka be
employed in key position, then he should not be a
boss to a Jieng
4. Increase the number of industries and factories in
Dinka States in order to boost our economic power.
We are well aware that this will cause the other
districts to become jealous of any developments in
Dinka, but this shall force the other regions to
federate with us is basing on our strong purchasing
power base. The only serious opposition we might
face from the non Dinka, especially should the
number of industries in their region increases.
5. We are aware that there is a considerable number
of non-Dinka in the army police and Prisons’ forces
more than the Jieng We should increase the
numbers of Jieng to supersede the non-Dinka, and
we request that this be implemented as soon as
possible. We foresee our danger and forces in order
to topple government. We therefore recommend that
the following Non Dinka army officers Clement Wani
Konga, Johnson, Juma Okot and Rizik Hassan
Zachariah relieve immediately in order to promote
Jieng army officers to head the armed forces and
govern state.
We do not trust other tribes, we need General Paul
Malong maintain the position of Chief of Staff. With
respect to Police, General Pieng Deng should be
removed from the position of the Inspector General
of Police and General Manyok should be made the
commissioner for Prisons.
Should these recommendations delay to be
implemented, we shall suffer heavily. There is quite
a considerable number of non Dinka officers in the
Police and Prisons forces have served for quite a
long time although they are not well educated.
We should promote these not so intelligent elderly
officers but not the young energetic Jieng youthful
officers should be strategically put to work side by
side with these non-Dinka officers so that with time
we weed out the non-Dinka and replace them with
the Jieng youthful officers.
The good in keeping the elderly non-Dinka officers is
that they despise any advice from the youthful non-
Dinka that could lead them to get ideas of topping
our government. We should be wary of despite being
illiterate because he can easily join with intelligent
Nuer who can plan to topple our government. We do
not want that non-Dinka, to be head of the Special
Branch, this post should be given to a Jieng.
6. We wish that all recruiting officers in all
government departments are Jieng this will give a
chance to those Jieng who did not get access to
education to get access to wealth. Any NGOs or
foreign national who mistreats a Jieng should be
expelled from South Sudan.
The following ministries should be headed by Jieng:
Finance and Economic Planning Agriculture;
Education, Health, Defense, Interior and national
security The non-Dinka should not be given an
opportunity to head ministries or even departments
that are directly in the line of developing the country.
7. Whenever a need arises to carry out a project in
non-Dinka state, the same project should also be
carried out in Dinka states, as a must. Should there
be any program to be executed by the non Dinka, we
must see to it that also Jieng officers are involved.
8. Send as many Jieng officers as possible to work
in non-Dinka states, especially as Army officers,
Prison Warders, Wildlife officers and at the borders.
This shall make the people in non-Dinka States
believe that we Jieng are the best educated and
most suitable.
Ensure that the Police Commissioner for non-Dinka
States is always a Jieng who shall give us a non-
compromised report or exactly what the non-Dinka
are up to. These Police commissioners in non-Dinka
state should also encourage the fanning of divisions
among the non-Dinka and any progressive non-
Dinka with the intent of uniting non-Dinka should be
deal with.
In fact should there be any developmental projects to
be carried out in non Dinka state, they should be
along the border areas with Dinka state in order for
the Jieng to benefit the most.
9. Please ensure that many Jieng join and lead all
political parties in south Sudan, as this will make
the other tribes believe that it is only the Jieng who
are capable of leading the nation. We should instill
this myth in the minds of all the other tribes by
ensuring that only Jieng are appointed in key
administrative posts.
This will serve us well since the country is headed
for development because then all the other tribes in
South Sudan shall be made to believe that it is only
Jieng who are capable of being good leaders and
that anything good can only be found in Dinka.
10. The Jieng are quite unhappy about the current
boundaries with non Dinka States This is particularly
in greater Upper Nile state.
11. We should be secretive on whatever goes on
within Dinka. All developmental projects in states
should not be broadcast on the national Radio or
even in the newspapers. People without a strong
foundation should not be allowed to work in Dinka
At the same time, people who are well conversant
with Dinka but despise us should also not be
allowed in Dinka states. This should be so be in
order to avoid the impression that Dinka state is
being developed at a fast rate at the expense of
other regions.
12. The following Leading government agencies
should be headed by Jieng: Ministry of Defense,
Ministry of Interior, Ministry of national security,
Ministry of Justice, Ministry of finance and Ministry
of Education. All this is possible but it seems that
there is an element of inferiority complex.
This is the full report of our investigations from all
the 10 states of South Sudan.
As per our wishes, there should be no elections at
all. For what benefit is it to hold general elections
today? The general elections we held in the first
place was because we wanted to end, now whom
do we want to expel to necessitate the holding of
general elections?
We acknowledge the authority commanded by the
President SPLA/M, a phenomenon that has
generated a lot of envy among our fellow SPLM inner
circle. Should we allow any other person to take over
that position, we as Jieng shall be subjected to
enormous suffering.
We should increase the ranks of Jieng officers
within the army and not from any other tribe. We and
the commander of the Special Force must be a
Jieng and not from any other tribe. We do not want
Non Dinka to head the Special Branch. They are not
be trusted and can easily poison us.
There is no doubt that we are capable of ruling South
Sudan for 50 years should General Salva Kiir
Mayardit collaborate with the great sons of Jieng
such as Gen. Paul Malong, Gen. Kuol Mayang Juk,
Tiller Riing, Pieng Deng, David Deng Athorbei and
God blessed us to cooperate and work together.
Should anyone attempt to do our President any
harm, we are willing to sacrifice our own lives for
Long live our son, we are his confidants and this
document should remain confidential, and be
circulated only amongst our most trusted.
Our Great Leader, General Salva Kiir Mayardit:
1. You should not be deceived by anyone that the
Non Dinka detests James Wani lgga. We the Jieng
like Gen. Malong so much, because it is through
him that we can deal decisively with the Non Dinka.
2. Save us from the non-Dinka the likes of Pagan
Amum who should not be made the Secretary
General of SPLM/A party. We protest Joseph
Bangasi Bakosoro being given any post in SPLM/A
Party. We detest Anna Itto and non-Dinka, being the
organizers of the SPLMA Party.
3. Save us from the non-Dinka. We do not want
Jadala or Thomas Cirillo to be in a position where he
can gain access to government secrets because he
shall then be in a position to pass them over to the
4. Save us from the non-Dinka. Great leader, a
considerable number of Jieng should be posted in
Non Dinka land in order to keep us updated on what
the non-Dinka are up to.
5. Save us from the non-Dinka. You gave our land to
the non-Dinka, when shall it be returned to us?
6. Save us from the non-Dinka. Your Excellency, with
all our hearts we request you to save us from the
non-Dinka and ensure that James Wani lgga
remains the vice president and Louise Lobong
remains governor of Namurunyang state.
17. Save us from non-Dinka. Your Excellency, you
are well aware of how the Non Dinka disrespect us,
why have you decided to keep silent?
This is all, Your Excellency, that there is to inform
you. We shall send you an envoy at a later time.
We have nominated you as the Party President and
wish you success.
Thank the Heavens.
Signed on behalf of Jieng Council of Elders (JCE):
Justice Ambrose Riny Thiik Chairman
Hon. Joshua Dau Diu
Hon. Aldo Ajou Deng
Hon. Maker Thiong Maal
Hon. Parmena Aluong


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