Why South Africa returns to its darkest moment??


In June 1961,African national congress (ANC)the current Republic of southouse Africa ‘s governing social democratic political party ‘s executive, considered Nelson Mandela ‘s suggestion on the use of violent tactics and agreed that those members who wished to involve them in Mandela ‘s campaign would not be stopped from doing so, and this let to the formation of “umkhonto we sizwe “,a violent force- and because of that group, Nelson Mandela was arrested in- 1962 and sentenced to five years of imprisonment with Labor.

In 1963,many of his fellow leader at the ANC and the umkhonto were also arrested together with Nelson Mandela and brought to trial for conspiracy of trying to overthrow the government by violent. Sounds familiar right? But Nelson Mandela ‘s statement during the trial received considerable attention in South Africa and all over the world, especially in the United States and Europe. However, on June 12_1964,Eight of the accuser, including Nelson Mandela, were sentenced to life in prison, But this was not the end of the history.

From 1964-1982,Nelson Mandela was incarcerated at Robin island prison near cape town, South Africa and then he was taken to poll moor prison on the mainland, During Nelson Mandela years in prison, his reputation grew positive change in South Africa. He was widely accepted as the most significant black leader in South Africa and become a powerful symbol resistance as the anti-Apartheid movement gathered strength. He communicated with his supporter while in prison, and he encouraged their efforts to continue with the course as Dr.martin Luther king: Jr advocated. Nelson was released from prison on February 11_1990 after serving 27 years:
Like South Africa ‘s Apartheid movement had done to Nelson Mandela, the current Republic of South Africa ‘s governing social democratic political party (ANC) is doing the Same thing now to an innocent South Sundaes political leaders, Dr.Riek machar in South Africa. There is a speculation that South Africa is Deputy president Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, has a deal with the South sudanese regime to retain South Sundaes is opposition leader on an assumption that keeping him away from returning to his country will empower his political opponents an end the crisis in the country.

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  1. of course, happened now to South Sudan opposition leader Dr Riek Machar has detained without trial in south Africa why? any wrong ideals must be reappears what is the uses of world? like Nelson Mandela was poisoned without guilty lastly he was became South Africa president WHO termed as criminal. sorry I know very well South Sudanese will be suffered a lot in absent of Dr Machar while worldwide and even the SPLA regime of jce will call for him to rose South Sudan again.

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