Over 70 Dinka food forces were killed in Walgak including Brig. General Tut Pouk

23579172_scontro-armato-tra-pastori-mesiria-sudanesi-lou-nuer-nell-abyei-occidentale-continuano-le-di-salva--1Press Statement

The SPLA IO strongly refutes the accusation made yesterday 11/07/2017 by the joined press release of Taban Deng Gai’s loyalists that it’s forces abducted and detained three UNICEF contractors in Pagak. SPLA IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny does not harass NGO or UN staffs. These are our partners not enemies. If they are in pagak, then they are safe with the civilians in the liberated area. The SPLA IO did not get any formal complain from UNICEF regarding this base less accusation; So, when did Agel Machar and Dickson Gatluak become their spokespersons?

The fight in Mathiang which was geared towards pagak, was orchestrated by Taban Deng Gai to derail the revitalization process of ARCSS that is already on process yet he and Salva Kiir claimed they are observing ceasefire. The SPLA IO under the people’s leader is in full control of Mathiang, maiwut and Longechuk despite this useless aggression of Taban and Kiir.

Separately, the SPLA IO registered victory in Walgak yesterday the 11/07/2017 where more than 70 government militias were killed by the gallant force of the SPLA IO under Dr Riek Machar Teny. The militias triggered the fight when they left their trenches in Waat with the aim of capturing Walgak.
1. Four 12.7 captured in good condition
2. Four vehicles in good condition
3. Two RPGs
4. 10 PKMs
5. 47 AK 47
Brig. Gen. Koang Rambang Chol, the care taker Governor of Bieh state commanded the fight.

Kaya – Yei road has been closed again by the SPLA IO forces of Division 2B after the attack that killed Five civilians in Yondu about a week ago. The SPLA IO ambushed and killed 13 government militias in Gulumbi on 8/07/2017 and 9 others on the 10/07/2017 near Kaya as they tried to go to Yei. The struggle continues.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson


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