Breaking News: SPLM-IO in Maiwut are being alert that Juba regime is on a rescue mission to their soldier whom are trapped there with the goal to capture Pagak


“Leaked info

July 14, 2017, Juba regime troops on a #rescue mission #towards Maiwut and Longoch now.An heavily equipped brutal ruthless Juba troops #reinforcement just #departed last night from Paloch towards Longochuk and Maiwut on rescue mission to Wichlualjak where New Nuer Nhail Batoang,his Cdes were chased to where their vehicles stuck into muddy soil in Thocdeng by the freedom fighters.

The reinforcements moving in two groups aer being directed by Nuer wew Tulual Puk from Longochuk county and moving slowly simply because of fear to be ambushed by the gallant forces of SPLM/A IO,they are said to be equipped and determined since they are on a rescue mission and may try to advance towards Maiwut as soon as they reach Wichlualjak safe and sound said the source.

I therefore call upon the fearless Gaajaak white army and the gallant forces of SPLM/A IO of division (5) under the command of Maj.Gen.Khor Chuol Giet and Brig.Gen.Daniel Gatbel Kuach to be in high alert and ready for an attack or attack them as soon as possible.

Please share the information.

Viva freedom fighters.


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