Makuei Lueth is back after realizing Taban Deng did not secured Pagak

makueiJuly 15, 2017, Meanwhile, Taban Deng Gai is on Addis to declareed the defeated of Dr. Riek MachAr

In Juba: Critics of the national dialogue are source of sedition South Sudan Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth says. Mr Makuei has described people who criticised the national dialogue as warmonger and need to refrain. He says that it is totally irresponsible for people in authority to go and turn against the same authority they are in charge of; he was responding to the latest statement by some members of the steering committee who have stated that the national dialogue has reached a difficult stage unless those in opposition are brought on-board. The remark by Makuei received a negative reaction from several people who accused him of not conforming to the mission of the national dialogue. One critic says that the national dialogue is a place where everyone is allowed to raise any issue of interest. Beside that, it was not long ago that Makuei along with Cabinet Affairs Minister, Dr Martin Elia Lumoro have gone publically to condemn the lack of transparency and accountably in the government.


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