Update from Pagak by SPLM-IO spokesman


July 17, 2017, Good afternoon all supporters of the people’s movement; I would like to assure you that the gallant forces of the SPLA-IO, are now doing great job in various frontlines.

The genocidal regime forces that lead by notorious commander Nhial Batoang and his fake Governor Bol Ruach Rom is now suffering and they are under the full control of the freedom fighters at Thocdeng.

Please denounce the white propaganda that merciless forces of Salva Kiir claimed to have approached and surrounded Pagak GHQs, by which forces should they be able to surround Pagak GHQs?

The SPLA-IO forces are now assembled in big numbers in Thocdeng in order to dislodge this genocidal regime forces from their local trenches that they dug after they had learned that their cars wouldn’t comeout from the buddy soil of Wichluakjak.

This dead regime forces will not step foot to either Maiwut or Pagak GHQs. The Lionheart commander Cdr. major General Khor Chuol Giet of division five (5) shall never allow them to move forward or back.

Viva freedom fighters!
Viva people’s movement!
Stay tune press is coming soon!


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