Aweil people fell they were used by Salva Kirr after he removed Paul Malong


Dear Mr President,

July 19, 2017, During your last interview with ‘the hard talk ‘ journalist on BBC, you claimed to be the only fabric holding the country together and you can’t relinquish power because a genocide might occur .Today ,I would like to dig into your words if they hold any truth and for sure you are the only existing problem to the South Sudanese after Dr Riek was detained in South Africa.

Mr president,with your incompetent and visionless leadership we today have more than 13 active armed rebel groups .The highest any ‘civil’ nation has ever had and the number of lives we’ve lost through these rebellions cannot be ignored .

Sir as your cohorts and comrades from your state are busy purchasing properties around the globe, had it ever crossed your mind that the entire nation is starving ? you’ve defeated Riek Machar ,where is the stability?.

Your excellency,in our history of our struggle ;two communities had been on the front line and have lost all in the process of liberation.The loyalty and valor in Mading Aweil and Mading Bor can never be questioned,Mr president these are the people who started and brought forth the seat you greedily occupying today .But today myopia is telling you to step on their tails .

Mr president,when you fell out with Gen Paul Malong ,you ordered for intimidation of people from Aweil .They were being mistreated simply because you disagreed with Malong .Mr president are you aware that these are the people who rescued you when things were falling apart in juba ?

In the case of Bor ,you know the history very well but I would remind you of the recent sacrifice Bor offered to your government.When Gadet Yaka rebelled ,Bor youth flushed him out of Bor and he went to Lou Nuer land and mobilized a group of 30,000 white army .Despite their small number and the fact that most of them were disarmed,Bor youth still placed their lives on the line.They lost a great general in the battle and they prevented white army from capturing Juba .

Mr president what have they done wrong ? When they went for their stollen properties in Buma ,you formed a committee and ordered the youth back ,you even ordered aerial attacks if they refused,you imposed a peace deal on them .Today murle is on a killing spree in Bor ,there is not even a word from your office .

Mr president it’s true the Bor people are tired of your terrible leadership and any miscalculated move from you will plunge our country into the worse and final crisis .History has it that these are the most determined people.As you enjoy a sip of your favorite liquor in juba ,you better think twice because if these people think otherwise,it will be too late to talk to them .Take care you are stepping at a snake on the tail !

Concerned citizen


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