President of Nuer community council in Australia

July 31, 2017, President of Nuer community council in Australia support the statement made by the rebel leader on the 29 July 2017 to remove South Sudanese peace process from IGAD to African Union because they have failed to end the war.
East African regional leaders have created wealth in South Sudan war, I supporting any proposals moving south Sudanese peace process from IGAD to international community and African Union.
The East African head of states are benefiting from the blood of South Sudanese people more than they do in their own country.
They are supporting Salva Kiir government to continue the war in order for them to make money from the war. East African leaders should learn from West African leaders that prevented the blood from Gambia two years ago.
I would like African Union to take over south Sudanese peace process and come up with the new initiative that would include all parties to the conflict and try to end the war in South Sudan if Africans fail to bring peace and stability in South Sudan, without wasting more time again while thousands of civilians are dying .
South Sudanese citizens have rights to invite the United Nations to take over South Sudan to rule for 10 years and I believe this will be the last option and it could happen when the African Union fail to end the conflict.

Maduk Muon Kuony


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