SP-IO said, there is no NAS base in Yei River State

Press Statement

There is no NAS base in Yei River State.

The SPLA IO reconnaissance unit of Division 2B under the command of Maj. Gen. John Mabieh came under the aggression of NAS forces commanded by Gen. John Kenyi Latio in Nyori yesterday morning of 30/07/2017 at about 7:00am. The SPLA IO force repulsed the attackers and pursued them to Gen. Kenyi’s base in Nyori where his forces were scattered in disarray and Gen Kenyi is at large but some of his bodyguards have surrendered and have been welcomed back to our bases around Nyori.

The SPLA IO would like to make it clear that our main enemy is the Juba government but not National Salvation Front; all we need from Gen. Kenyi are the weapons he disarmed from our forces and the community and also the ammunitions given to him for protection while he was still SPLA IO sector 8 commander. This is administrative issues and not a war against NAS; we urge our civilians to remain calm and continue with their usual duties.

Secondly, the SPLA IO would like to inform NAS leadership that if they want to open a base in SPLA IO liberated areas, they should seek permission from our chairman and Commander in Chief Dr. Riek Machar Teny- Dhurgon; but grabbing our commanders, writing all sorts of insults against our chairman and illegally establishing a base in our territory, is a direct war against the SPLM/A IO which will not be tolerated anymore. The Struggle continues.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel.
SPLA IO deputy Military Spokesperson

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