Lt. General Peter Thuok Chuol, accused Sudan Tribune for spreading lies and propagate his name as if he joins the killers

Augusta 1, 2017,

Press release

By Lt. General. Peter Thok Chuol Luak

Based on propaganda which was published on media by Sudan
tribune that I defected to Juba regime , it is not true , as I speak now I am in Sobat State/mandeng doing my routine works. I urge all SPLA-IO supporters, armies , white armies politicians not to listen to this false statement published by enemy of peace and those who forgot the blood of innocent Nuers massacred by Kiir and Taban. I love my country, people I cannot betray my nation. Dr. Machar is our leader who 'll rescue us from the genocidal regime of Kiir and Taban.I urge all sector 4 commanders to remain calm and continue doing your wonderful jobs
Viva IO
Viva Dr. Machar
Viva Sector 4
By Lt. Gen. Peter Thok Chuol Luak
Sector 4 Commander


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