Thomas Cirillo is nothing but a Juba agent who want to destroy Equatoria Region and join Dinka Juba regime at the end

south-sudans-president-salva-kiirAugust 5, 2017, Dear comrades, my fellow citizens,
It is my humble concern to inform you my dear comrades and citizens of South Sudan especially my people of Equatoria regarding the state of affairs in the Equatoria region. First, I would like to note that this war is not about Dr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Thomas or Bakasoro you name them but about the freedom of the people of South Sudan. The National Salvation Front as we all know is a project design in Juba by Thomas, Museveni and Jieng Council of elders to divide the SPLM/A IO so that Kiir will remain in power forever and Thomas and his followers will be rewarded for betrayal.

The political strategy is for Thomas to form a separate movement and claim to be fighting Kiir, this is to blindfold Equatorians to think it is a movement of their son and that they will blindly follow like how some like Kenyi Loburon has fallen into the trap. The people of Equatoria have build IO in Equatoria and have sacrifice alot and will never and ever allow that effort to be watered down by traitors who are only seeking for positions and not for good governance in the country. The politics of regionalism and tribalism that NAS is using a card to pit Equatorians against others must be crush and buried once and for all by collective effort of all Equatorians who love Equatoria and the country.

Some of us have been questioning the brothers and sisters joining Thomas, why should you follow a man whose hotel bill is being paid by the regime he claim to fight? Why should you follow a man whose real agenda is to return you under a man who force you to leave the country and fight? The unity of Equatoria was very strong and the govt was shaking and now the govt have some breathing space because the man they send to divide manage to get some few corrupt and blind supporters. SPLA IO is there to stay and anyone who is an obstacle to the road of the train will be crush and the struggle will continue until our people are free. Equatoria IO VIVA, NO room for traitors. Thank you.


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