1 million South Sudan refugees now in Uganda, UN says

August 17, 2017

File photo: A young South Sudanese refugee cooks food at a camp in northern Uganda: UNHCR/Will Swanson
The number of South Sudanese refugees fleeing violence in their country to Uganda has reached one million, the United Nations said.
The UN refugee agency yesterday reiterated its call to the international community for urgent additional support for the South Sudan refugee situation in Uganda.
It added that at least another one million refugees have fled to Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic.
The organization pointed out that funding shortfall in Uganda is now significantly impacting its abilities to deliver life-saving aid and key basic services.
More than two million South Sudanese have fled to neighbouring countries, while another two million people are estimated to be internally displaced since the outbreak of war in December 2013. 
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