SPLA IO Captured Kaya, Bindu, Kimba and Bazi

Press Release

SPLA IO Captured Kaya, Bindu, Kimba and Bazi.

Yesterday morning at exactly 0600hrs, our joint operations forces of division 2b under the command of Major. General John Mabieh Gaar successfully launched a coordinated attack on Kaya, Bindu, Kimba and Bazi. Our forces flushed the enemies out of Kimba, Bazi, Bindu and in Kaya, the enemy forces are confined at the Uganda border.

Our gallant force killed 56 government soldiers including the commander of Bindu base who was a Major and a Captain from MI unit in Kaya known locally as Malis. We captured one (1) 12.7 mm, six (6) pkms, four (4) RPGs and twenty eight(28) Ak47. We lost three(3) freedom fighters and 15 wounded.

The SPLA IO also regrets the lost of a Freelance Journalist; Christopher Allen, a USA citizen who was targeted and killed by the government forces for photographing the fight. Chris was committed to the truth and wanted to show the world the truth about the fight in South Sudan and its effect on the displaced population. The media world might have lost Chris but his works and findings live as we managed to retrieve his cameras and notebook. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson.


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