SPLM-IO Captured Guit County in Unity States

Press Statement
By Brig.General William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA-IO Pagak GHQs
South Sudan, Thursday August 31, 2017

The SPLA-IO forces under Cdr. Major General Tito Biel Wieh of North Area Division Unity State (US) under sector two (2) captured Guit County.

We in SPLM-SPLA (IO) hereby announces the capture and full control of the strategic county of Guit in Unity State (US) on Wednesday August 30, 2017.

We freed this strategic area from the collapsing ethnocentric JCE regime in Juba after repeated provocations and attacks by the same Juba regime on the civilian population and our positions in the area.

In the fighting, Juba regime lost twenty soldiers against three freedom fighters. We also captured five (5) Juba soldiers along with two motor boats full of ammunition and consignments of newly acquired AK-47 and PKM.

We would, therefore, like to once again remind all oil workers to evacuate the oil fields in Unity State (US) without delay.

We would also like to equally remind the people of South Sudan that Maiwut and Pagak is under our control and that oil workers in Paloug and the surrounding oilfields are strongly advised against swallowing as truth the sweet words of the ever lying Michael Makwei Lueth, JCE Minister of Information, at the Jieng One (J-1).


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