DKenyatta says chief justice ‘and his thugs’ cancelled election

September 2, 2017

Kenya's Supreme Court declares election null and void
Said electoral commission did not act in accordance with the law
New election to be held within 60 days
Two of six judges disagreed with majority verdict
Massive celebrations by opposition supporters in Nairobi and Kisumu
President Kenyatta 'respects' the ruling but 'disagrees' with it
He describes judges as 'thugs' when talking to his supporters in Swahili
Live Reporting
By Clare Spencer and Damian Zane
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12:06 1 Sep
SHAREDKenyatta says chief justice 'and his thugs' cancelled election

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President Uhuru Kenyatta was talking to his supporters in the Burma Market area of the capital, Nairobi
President Uhuru Kenyatta has again criticised the Supreme Court judges for overturning the 8 August election, which the electoral commission had declared in his favour last month.
He was addressing an impromptu rally of supporters at a popular market in the capital, Nairobi, which was broadcast live by the privately-owned NTV.
“A few people have sat there thinking they know it all, but we have said, because we believe in peace and because we believe in the rule of law, let them say what they want,” Mr Kenyatta said, speaking in Swahili.
The president had earlier said the ruling went “against the will of the people”, but pledged to respect it.
He told his supporters:
Let those five, six people know, since the Kenyan people will still decide, they should wait for us to act after the people have made their decision.

We are keeping a close eye on them. We are keeping a close eye on them. But let us deal with the election first. We are not afraid."

Mr Kenyatta also said that the judges were “paid by foreigners and other fools”.
[Chief Justice] Maraga and his thugs have decided to cancel the election. Now I am no longer the president-elect. I am the serving president… Maraga should know that he is now dealing with the serving president."

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13:07 1 Sep
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We'll be back next week
That's all from BBC Africa Live on the Kenyan presidential election result being cancelled.
It's been an historic day for the country and the continent.
Here are the key points:
• The Supreme Court anulled the presidential election result
• They blamed irregularities in the transmission of results
• A full report from the Supreme Court on the details of the irregularities will be published within 21 days
• A fresh election is due within 60 days
• Opposition leader Raila Odinga hailed the ruling
• President Uhuru Kenyatta called for peace and said he respected the result even though he disagreed with it
• He later said chief justice and his thugs" cancelled election

To find out the latest in the country check the BBC News website.
A reminder of today's wise words:
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An Igbo #proverb sent by Azuka Omonuwe in Lagos, Nigeria

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And we leave you with this visual metaphor for the crossroads ahead in Kenya:

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12:52 1 Sep
Another observer mission fends off criticism

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry led the Carter Center's observer mission
The US-based Carter Center, which sent a team to watch August's polls in Kenya, has said that its observers "publicly discussed concerns about the transmission of results" when they were there.
It noted that the Supreme Court suggested that the problem with the result was in the way they were transmitted to the election centre rather than in the voting and counting at the polling station.
The observer missions are fending off criticism after people had the impression that they had given the election a clean bill of health.
What they are all emphasising is that they said the vote itself went well and the problems came later.
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The Carter Center

Carter Center Statement on #Kenya Supreme Court Ruling
12:18 PM – Sep 1, 2017 · Atlanta, GA
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