Breaking News: Paul Malong attempted to killed him after he was denied to attend his daughter’s funeral

September 6, 2017, A source confirmed to African Press that a once known King Paul by BBC reporter, James Copnall Try to killed himself last night in Juba.

Also confirmed by Dinka News, its reported that South Sudanese former Chief of General Staff Paul Malong Awan Anei is denied permission to to go to Kenya to identify the body of his deceased daughter. Malong whose two daughters (Amou and Alakiir) were at Moi Girls in Nairobi, said 'Alakiir is confirmed dead and Amou is still admitted in hospital."

In an exclusive interview with SBS Dinka Radio said,"The Minister in the office of President came to me this morning and informed me about the decision made by the Presidency. The President and his two Vice Presidents met and they have taken a decision that i can n't be allow to go to Kenya. Doctors need my DNA in order to identify the body of my daughter but now i have no power other than to wait"

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