Paul Malong’s son Warns Salva about Taban Deng Gai that he will destroy you like he destroyed Dr. Riëk Machar

September 8, 2017, Taban Deng Gai is a dangerous and a cold hearted person, he will killed you Mr. President. Anei Paul Malong Awan warned Salva Kirr about Taban Deng Gai in response to his father's confinement.

He said that Taban "fooled Dr. Riëk Machar " which lead to a close call for Dr. Riëk Machar's live and the current confinement in South Africa. Belo is the actual written statement

H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit
President of the Republic of South Sudan,
Juba, South Sudan

Your Excellency:

Sub: Do not allow political opportunists to drive a wedge between you and my father – Gen. Paul Malong Awan

I greet you in the name our country, South Sudan.

I am writing this letter to express my feelings to you regarding the events that are taking place since my father Gen. Malong Awan Anei came back to Juba from Yirol.

Your Excellency, I am an ordinary citizen who is compelled to share my thoughts with you by the love I have for this country. This is a country you spent your entire life fighting to liberate, and the country that you remained as a cord holding it together. To the lesser extent, the same could be said about my father. The challenges both of you faced during the long years of liberation struggle, and even recently are only known to both of you!

When I look back at those challenges, it saddens me to see the friendship and camaraderie you developed with my father throughout the years of liberation struggle getting diminished by the machinations of political opportunists. Remembered, Taban Deng, fooled Dr Riak Machar and he will fool a lot of others.

Your Excellency, the opportunist posturing that is now emerging since you relieved my father from his duties as the Chief of General Staff of the SPLA is dangerous.

Your decision was and is still seen as a routine change that falls under your rightful prerogative as the President of the Republic and the Commander in Chief of the SPLA.

However, what is happening presently is that a group of opportunists like Taban Deng and Wani Igga both Vice Presidents are scheming to drive further a wedge between you and my father as a way of:

1. Furthering their political interest;
2. Paying back for what they consider as previous political marginalization meted out against them;
3. Settling their political scores both real and imagined.

Given our present realities, what these individuals are trying to do in my honest opinion is detrimental to your stature as a leader, the unity of our people and the future of our country.

Your Excellency, irrespective of what you are told by your Vice Presidents and others about my father, I sincerely expect you to show compassion to our family during this critical time. For the sake of my deceased sister Alakiir Malong whose remains have not yet been identified because my father is not there to provide the DNA sample, I kindly request you to allow my father to travel to Nairobi. I must also add that my other sibling Amou Malong is currently hospitalized because of the same fire that took Alakiir’s life and she also deserve her father’s attention.

Now that gossip has replaced facts, in how we handle our issues, I am appealing to you to used your vast wisdom to evaluate information arriving on your desk critically to ensure that those driven by selfish end in J1, the likes of Taban deng, Wani and others will not succeed.

Finally, as you deal with the aftermath of relieving my father from his duties, I would also appreciate your relationship within moving forward is guarded by enduring friendship between the two of you.

With the deepest respect,

Anei Malong Awan.


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