Sad News: Governor Koang Rambang Chol knew the killing of Gen. Mabor Dhol’s brother and his Nephew when they were killed while traveling with him

February 22, 2018, Africans Press have learned that Gov. Koang Rabang Chol of Bieh States last week failed to informed the two people who end up being killed while travelling with him in Padoi, Akoba West. According to a source who travelling with the Gov. Koang Rambang from Akoba to Padoi last week when Thomas Mabor Dhol’s brother and Nephew were killed, Gov. Koang was warned by local community on his arrival in Padoi that there are people around who want to harm Gen. Mabor Dhol’s brother due to a 1990s old case of a murdered of one of their clans man in Khorfulus when Thomas mabor Dhol was a Caommander there.

However, Gov. Koang Rambang Chol failed to inform the deceased about the danger imposed on them in Padoi despiet the warning from the local community. Instead, Gov. Koang let the men to walk around in the market in Padoi where they were shot dead.

The sad part about this fact is that Gov. Koang Rambang Chol did absolutely nothing and hiden this fact from Gen. Thomas Mabor Dhol who is a sector  Commander for SPLM-IO Division 8, Bieh States, Lou Nuer.

It is not yet known as to why the two deseased were travelling with the Gov. Koang Rambang Chol


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