They killed the Nuer in 2013, run away and now they are recruiting again

January 11, 2020, After their failed mission to finish the Nuer, Paul Malong, Thomas Crillo, Wiyai Dong Ajak and Pagan Amum were the architects of 2013 and masterminded the mass murders afterward.

They have killed the Nuer in 2013 and now they are united themselves again to join their Head-Chief Salva Kirr in Juba. If you don’t know, here are their roles

  1. Paul Malong was the leader of Mathiang Anyoor who carried the door to door killing of the Nuer,

  2. Thomas Crillo was the head of the logistic who brought and bought all weaponry,

  3. Pagan Amum Okech was the architecture who was working against Dr. Riek Machar since 2008 and also said in 2014 after he was released that, “people of South Sudan cannot fight a senseless war just because Nuer were killed and decided not to join Dr Riek Machar after all.


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