8th February 2020

Final resolution: Council of South Sudan Communities

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re running out of time! The fact that there is a compromise under Saint Egidio of Italy, that meeting restored courage to dissuade Equatorians from Declaring independence.

It simply means there will be a government where all Equatorian parties, whether military or non military parties are participants.

The condition is that, if there is no government formed between Equatorians, Baher El Gazal, and or Upper Nile, the declaration of Equatoria independence is imminent.

This is to tell the organized groups and or parties that the citizen of South Sudan and Equatoria in particular are concerned of their safety as theirs. Terrorism is inacceptable.

But we will not be betrayed by organized crime groups and parties’ failure to form a government that unites Upper Nile communities, Baher El Gazal and Equatorians.

Together, we will work side by side fighting terrorism from the level of states, cities and neighborhoods, because there is a united government.

We have been engaged in a tenacious battle for decades. The question of what it is to be a South Sudanese, the very essence of declaring South Sudan’s independence from Sudan and how we voted for a free nation?

Therefore, it is the responsibility of every community and citizens from Equatoria, Baher El Gazal and Upper Nile to decide and make sure a Transitional National Unity Government is formed.

A formation of non threatening transitional government that has equal contribution of all communities and parties from Equatoria, Baher El Gazal and Upper Nile will pave a way to a securing public legitimate elections of new generation of leadership to lead the People of South Sudan.

Council of South Sudan Communities


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