Breaking News: 2000 plus Murle youth and Cobra bodies were counted by White Army so far in the Lou Nuer

White Army War room reports

Murle attackers side


it is clear report that the total of 2601 murle youths were kill by Lou nuer youths in pieri attack.

Here is a breakdown as we are counting the dead.

700 were kill in dhorganwel,

500 were kill in jokrial ,

150 were kill in gohgoh, 250 were kill in guanchat ,

917 were kill in pieri , and 84 were kill in milkier.

the total of murle whom were kill from that attack are 2601.

pamai attack:


the total of murle whom were kill by Lou nuer youths in pamai attack are : 189.

their total are 2790 from all attack ,but I don’t know the number of the people who will going to die on road due to food and water plus the wounded.

the planning of murle to destroy Lou nuer has fail.


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