Breaking News: The Names Of The Captured 47 Murle Cobra Fighters, Finally Revealed Out In Pieri !

The Names Of The Captured 47 Murle Cobra Fighters, Finally Revealed Out In Pieri !

Their names

1) Srgnt. Nyagotthich Guruk Cobra member.

2) Srgnt. Boyoi Dima Kokou Cobra member.

3) Santino Mark Ngeta Cobra member.

4) Angelok Dudut Hira Cobra member.

5) Boyoi David Chier Cobra member.

6) Maya Adimbo Thaw Cobra member.

7) Joseph Baba Michael Cobra member.

8) Konyi Kolo Gab Cobra member.

9) Asuf Dangalo Gumba Cobra member.

10) Yaya Daniel Baba Cobra member.

11) Capt. Piir Kaka Lanyi Cobra member.

12) Capt. Mark Joseph Kaka Cobra member.

13) Jiey Joba Aran Cobra member.

14) Johnson Kamawawa Cobra member.

15) Welo Giny Dakul Cobra member.

16) Srgnt. Konyi John Tithu Cobra member.

17) Medan Athilo Zechariah Cobra member.

18) Kaka Machingak Luba Cobra member.

19) Johnson Wadi Kaka Cobra member.

20) Marko Okello Okwak Cobra member.

21) Konyi Larus Pibor Cobra member.

22) Leaukuang Gila Dadum Cobra member.

23) Okwaar Atiir David Cobra member.

24) Konyi Boyoi Kwengeeth Cobra member.

25) Garang Biar Ajack SSPDF member.

26) Chol Michael Athian SSPDF member.

27) Pakwan Nywak Deng SSPDF member.

28) Wani Liboda Jackson SSPDF member.

29) Akol Maror Aguer SSPDF member.

30) Lojore Dadita John SSPDF member.

31) Akordit Paul Marial SSPDF member.

32) Majur Chan Wuol SSPDF member.

33) Marko Okello Wuriang SSPDF member.

34) Aduot Tito Bol SSPDF member.

35) Andrew Agany Atem NSS member.

36) Gaaniko Martin Dimbo NSS member.

37) Charles John Athuai NSS member.

38) Wani Michael Joshua NSS member.

39) Nyikang Aban Mijwok NSS member.

40) Gola Gumur Lippiti NSS member.

41) Hassan Galu Okello NSS member.

42) Wero Dumuku Michael NSS member.

43) Monykuer Maker Ajongdit NSS member.

44) Gal Deng Thon NSS member.

45) Gaaniko Costa Rezig NSS member.

46) Achuil Toto Marol NSS member.

47) Kaka Ismael Konyi NSS member.

These are the captured Cobra fighters in collaboration with the South Sudanese Government, for the some of them are found to be the SSPDF members and South Sudan National Security Service. The White Army also captured a numbered light weapons including Klanchinkovs and raffiles. The white Army also captured Semi-Automitic riffles M-12 and FH-Scare-Sniper from the war prisoned National Security officers during the confrontations in Pieri.

They’re in custody. They will be kept for further more evidence that figures it out that, South Sudan government got involved in the attacks in collaboration with the Cobra Faction.

Stay tuned. More are underway!!

Congratulations to the White Army for the great job of capturing a thousands of weapons and the attackers live !


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