BREAKING NEWS! South Sudan Youth leader accused David Yau Yau for using government to mobilize Murle youths

Following the recent attack on Pieri, Uror and some counties of Akobo, in Jonglei state which has left thousands of both civilians and the remnants of both SPLA-IO and the cobra squats units dead, there has been alleged disagreement between the former Governor of the defunct GPAA, Gen. David Yau Yau Who is believed to have organized the attack and the current South Sudan Youth Union’s chairperson Mr. Gola Boyoi.

Mr. Boyoi condemned Gen. Yau Yau in the community of murle’s meeting, accusing him of sabotaging the government by organizing ethnic wars behind the government of South Sudan that is willing to bring communities together through the recent signed peace agreement that is to be implemented through the R-ARCSS.

He challenged Gen. Yau Yau and the entire Murle community of subjecting the whole Murle community to target isolation from other South Sudanese communities who will in one way or the other, sees the murle community as a society of primitives and a war loving community..

Some Murle elites who sees Mr. Boyoi as the next Kingpin as the heir in Murle joint in condemning Yau Yau and says that the community can never be driven through one man’s interest. They distanced themselves and promised to expose the wrongful doings of Gen. Yau Yau.

Gen. David Yau Yau on his side assured Murle communty of no panic, reiterating that every thing was under control since they have a support of the presidential special envoys to greater pibor, Mr. AKOT LUAL who assured Murle of military support.

Mr. Akot Lual is believed to have hired a military plane full of ammunition which landed in Gumuruk. The recent attack on Uror featured some of the ammunitions captured from murle by the Lou Nuer to be similar from the ones carried and used by the national security units.


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