BREAKING NEWS; A Senior South Sudan government official has been put on ventilators

A Senior South Sudan government official has been put under ventilators

after developing coronavirus disease symptoms over earlier this week, sources have said from Juba.

An aide said Cabinet was put under ventilators on Sunday after developing COVID-19 symptoms which forced him to decide that he is taken to a government hospital.

“The minister developed coronavirus symptoms on Sunday and on Monday, those symptoms worsened and then decided that he must be taken to a government hospital,” the aide close to Lomoro told South Sudan News Now.

“He is now under ventilators at Dr. John Garang Hospital (Dr. John Garang Center for Infectious Disease) and we hope that all will be ok,” the aide added.

South Sudan has seen rise in coronavirus cases since President Salva Kiir Mayardit decided earlier this month to lift partial lockdown imposed in March by his government to curb the rapid spread of the diseases which has now killed half a million people around the world.

Yesterday, the government announced that 151 more people have tested positive for the virus and that brings the total number of those with the virus to 816.

Senior government officials including the First Vice President have been infected by the deadly virus.

Machar, his wife and defense minister, Angelina Teny, and the ministry of information Michael Makuei Lueth are the only senior government officials to announce publicly that they have contracted the virus.


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