Breaking News: Akot Lual: I put more than 150 Nuers in New Sudan Hotel, including Taban Deng Gai and Lol Gatkuoth

By Akot Lual

Recently, when I went on national TV and spoke that I am “protecting small tribes,” I don’t want that statement to be misconstrued by some of my brothers from the communities of Lou Nuer and Dinka Bor. When I was saying my mission is the protection of small tribes, it does not mean supplying them with weapons. Protection means, I want to see peace, development, and prosperity among those small tribes. For example, getting an administrative area for them is a great political achievement, leading toward peace and prosperity. In the same national TV interview, I was asked to answer the accusation that I was extracting goals in Murle land, hence, my interest in the area. However, there is never anything of economic and monetary value in Murle land that I know of, which I can personally benefit from. My involvement with people of Murle, Anyuak, Jie, and Kachipo is purely driven by my passion and compassion to see uplifting of the communities in the area.
In my obligation and compassion, I never came short from helping the Nuer people either. Just in December 2013 war in Juba, I remember helping and saving the lives of over 500 Nuers. For example, the wife of Keribino Konyin Bol, Madam Nyandeng Chol Dut Akok called and informed me that some thugs were attacking the house of former minister Gabriel Changson. Without question, I immediately rushed, picked Changson and brought him to the residence of the president in safety. I spent my personal money, helping in transporting some stranded Nuer youth in Juba to go to Ethiopia. Those included the bodyguard of Ambassador Ezekiel Lul, T.J.

In July 2016, J1 battle, I received distress calls from those of Ambassador Ezekiel Lul and Honorable Alfred Lado Gore who were bogged down in the office of Honorable Mayiik Ayii Deng during the ensuing firefights. I had to risk my personal safety to rescue their lives. I ended up playing a big role in calming the firefights in J1 that day. The next day of the fight, I collected some SPLM-IO VIP and generals and put them in the Royal Plaza Hotel. I asked the National Security Service (NSS) to provide them with security; meanwhile, I catered for their accommodations and feedings. I put more than 150 Nuers in New Sudan Hotel. I told Amin Akasha to feed them and the government would pay him later. I put many more vulnerable Nuers during the battles in different hotels for their own safety. I risked my own life and used my personal resources as a result. I also used the house of Honorable Tut Kew as a centre for rescue and protection of those Nuers who were under attacks by some tribal Dinka armed thugs. Many more people who were witnesses of my acts could attest to these facts. People like Vice President Taban Deng Gai, Honorable John Luk, General Thomas Douth, Ambassador Ezekiel Lul, Honorable Alfred Lado Gore, Honorable Gabriel Changson, Honorable Yien Oral, General Lul Ruei and many more others will testify to these.


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