South Sudan struggling to pay the arrears to the African Union

South Sudan Sudan end the country’s revenue on guns and briberies of elite groups and warlords generals

However, the government of South Sudan has pledged nearly $ 6 million to settle arrears due to the African Union within a week of arrears in annual membership fees.

Last week, the African Union imposed sanctions on South Sudan after the national government in Juba failed to pay its annual contributions.

In an interview with the media from Addis Ababa on Tuesday, James Morgan, South Sudan’s ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union, said they were working to clear all the arrears within one week.

He said that the sanctions do not deprive South Sudan of its membership in the African Union, but only prevented the country from actively participating in the African Union meetings.

“We would like to tell the public that our membership is active, we are only punished and we can attend the African Union meetings, but without giving our opinion, even if it is the problem of your country that is being discussed,” Morgan explained by saying, “South Sudan’s membership is still active and no one can suspend our membership.”

Ambassador Morgan stressed that the National Finance Ministry is working to resolve this issue by paying the country’s annual contributions to the African Union.

The Ambassador of South Sudan defended South Sudan’s delay in paying its financial contributions to the continental body, saying that the government of South Sudan has prioritized the implementation of the peace agreement in September 2018.

Meanwhile, Hakim Edward, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed that the African Union imposed sanctions on South Sudan after it failed to pay its annual contributions.

“We would like to assure the public that South Sudan is one of the countries that the African Union has imposed sanctions because of the lack of annual financial contributions,” Edward said in a statement released last week.

South Sudan became the 54th member of the African Union on July 27, 2011

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