James Gatdet Dak caught red handed secretly meeting with Kirr government and now he is accusing fake Media

Beware of Fake News!

Fake News has become a relentless force to reckon with these days! Individuals create and operate pages or blogs or unreliable websites in order to confuse the public with Fake News!

These individuals fabricate stories or exercise rumor-mongering for whatever reasons. They don’t follow or respect journalistic ethics. They don’t care about their credibility. They are out of control and getting loose on Social Media.

Some may be doing this as they seek promotions in form of responses to their fabrications. Others want to deceive and confuse minds of some vulnerable people with ill motives.

I like the energy and determination engrained in these Fake News authors. I wish they use that energy on productive efforts to promote peace and unity among our people in South Sudan.

Please, don’t trust any Fake News coming from unreliable sources. I believe they are not registered by a government or by a known organization. They have no physical office buildings or official addresses.

I am prompted to write this after I received calls and messages on Friday and on Saturday, alerting me about some Fake News floating on Social Media.

I advise that we learn to deal with these proliferating Fake News sources cautiously.

Don’t believe any thing you read or hear from unreliable Fake News sources. Verify it first.


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