Is Denay Chagor A Puppet?

By: Tut Kuany Kok

First of all I would like to say that I’m not against Hon. Denay Jock Chagor in person but I’m against his lack of leadership prowess and mental dexterity. As I attentively listened to his yesterday’s unfathomable and incomprehensive speech, I realized that something isn’t alright. Someone powerful is pulling the spring on his behalf. In his speech, he began by using the SPLA’s bloody and destructive slogan, the “OYEE” but the question is that, his he from the SPLM Party? I know the answer would be that he is from SSUM within SSOA Coalition. But is he the Government’s Agent?

Again, he failed to mentioned his godfather, the late Gen Peter Gatdet Yak who brought him to power. He didn’t even paid vague homage to him. Instead, he recognized Salva Kiir like he was the one who brought him to leadership arena. What is that indicated?

Discriminatively, he didn’t even appreciate the relentless efforts made by Cde Josephine Lagu, the Chairlady of SSOA who endorsed him to the the gubernatorial seat of the shambolic state of Jonglei. But his main focus base on Makuei Lueth, he mentioned him time immemorial and others who know nothing about how he came to political limelight. Is the SSOA dead? Therefore, these all things amounted him to puppet who is not free from making his own decisions. Through his speech, he speak about “putting food on the table” instead of talking about insecurity in Jonglei. But will food come on the table when the state is terribly bleeding? Will the food come on the table when someone is handling him like a pet?

In conclusion, I’m asking Hon. Denay to use his wisdom and ability to bring peace in Jonglei Inspite of him being use by the senior politicians for their own benefits. However, the first mistake he did during his tenure as the Minister of Higher Education ought not to repeat itself. He need to work independently since he came from his own party according to the TGONU. But working under the influence of someone like Makuei Lueth and others will let him to bury his political ambition. He should understand that he has some powers of which he should not be directed by anybody else. Good luck to him!

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