Germany to send 650 troops to Mali after hotel attack

Germany plans to send about 650 troops to Mali to help with the peacekeeping mission in the restive West African state, the defence minister said.

“We will shortly ask parliament to approve a mandate of up to 650 soldiers,” Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday.

The move comes after gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in the capital Bamako and killed 19 people last week.
Who is responsible for the Mali hotel attack?
Von der Leyen made the announcement hours before German Chancellor Angela Merkel travels to Paris to meet President Francois Hollande.

Discussions will include German support in the wake of the deadly November 13 attacks by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) members in the French capital.

The aim of the German troop deployment to Mali is to help relieve the military pressure on France in its fight against ISIL, von der Leyen said.

German soldiers will focus on logistics and reconnaissance as part of the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali (MINUSMA).

About 1,500 French troops are deployed in Mali as part of the fight against armed groups that seized control of the country’s north in 2012.

Large parts of Mali remain beyond the control of government and foreign forces, despite the French-led mission launched in 2013.


ope urges ‘essential’ interfaith dialogue in Africa

Pope Francis’ first Africa trip will highlight the problem of a lack of dialogue between Christianity and Islam, the two fastest growing religions on the continent.

On his first full day in Kenya, Francis insisted on Thursday that religion could never be used to justify violence and lamented that “all too often young people are being radicalised in the name of religion to sow discord and fear, and to tear at the very fabric of our societies”.

He said interfaith dialogue is not a luxury or optional, but is simply “essential”.

The 78-year-old will use his 11th overseas trip since taking office in 2013 to deliver a total of 19 speeches on peace, social justice, environmental protection, and interfaith dialogue.

In addition to Kenya, the pope is visiting Uganda and the Central African Republic during his six-day African tour.

Black Republican Group Gathers And Demands Obama Impeachment

The National Black Republican Association, a Florida-based organization of black Republicans, is demanding Obama’s impeachment and is charging the President with “egregious acts of despotism” that “constitute high crimes and misdemeanors.”
On the association’s website, they claim that they are dedicated to “enlightening black Americans about how historically Republicans have fought for their rights and freedom”. Their goal is to get them to return to their “Republican Party roots.”
Now, Watchdog Wire has published 10 articles that give insight into the Benghazi investigation, the deliberate targeting of conservative groups, the Fast and Furious scandal, and much more.

Here are some key excerpts from the articles:

“When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

“In his conduct of the office of President of the United States, Barack H. Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, personally and through his subordinates and agents, in violation or disregard of the constitutional rights of citizens and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice…”

The site goes on to list a series of impeachable offenses committed by President Obama.

The Articles of Impeachment have been sent to President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Boehner, House Minority Leader Pelosi, and the full Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.

What do you think? Should we impeach Obama?

Breaking News: A Nuer Brig. Gen. Killed in Juba


Juba: A south Sudanese General was killed on Nov. 24, 2015 outskirt Juba after he was lured by government officials. A source who was not wanted to be name  says, “I was shocked to let that this general who was in United Nation Protection Camps could lost his life just like that” he said.

SPLA Spokesman Philip Aguer would not denies nor confirm the situation

In his low voice, the individual says that the life become difficult for Nuer generals who are not trusted by Dinkas soldiers. This should never lost his live if it was not because of the missed trust between the community.

The Africans Press cannot verified the name of the General who was killed but working to find out who was the general is. We contact Philiph Aguer, the spokesman of SPLA but said, we are still investigating the situation.

Govt carried out an aerial strike on SPLA-IO position

Govt carried out an aerial strike on SPLA-IO position in WES: Spokesperson

Col. William Gatjiath Deng, The SPLA-IO Spokesperson

Western Equatoria – The SPLA in Opposition said their position came under intensive Aeriel strikes in Western Equatoria State, carried out by goverment using two gunships

“Two heavily  armed  government  gunships fired  at SPLA-I.O position yesterday at 4:PM;The heavy bombardment targeted our positions in the entire region of Western Equatoria where our forces  camp  around  Mundiri area  under command of  Major  Gen.Keny” ~ Col. William Gatjiath Deng said in a press statement imparted to Wangdunkon Media

“2 SPLA/IO soldiers are reported to have minor injuries during the attack.2 military helicopters were seen hovering by the town and later headed back to Juba” ~ Col. Deng continued.

The situation is currently vague and the local civilians are fleeing the town due to fear of another aerial strikes. it’s not clear whether there were some civilians casualties during the strikes.

Why SPLM should be dismantle?

10418325_652851491465606_6631569095770632812_nWhy SPLM should be dismantle?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) is a party that was formed in 1983 where Dr. John Garang became the head of the party after eliminating senior comrades within the movement those days. Moreover, when the death of Dr. John Garang came accidentally in July 2005, President Kiir took the leadership of the party and eventually, the mission and vision of the party became looting of resources, manipulating rule of law, killing professional Journalists in the Country on daily basis, abusing human rights, lack of democratization processes in the country, killing of civilians, harassing, intimidating, raping, torturing, cannibalism, carrying out mass killing and genocide in the Juba city and eliminating any one who objects dictatorial Leadership existence in South Sudan.

Killing civilians on 16th, 17th and 18th of December 2013 in Juba was because of belonging to a certain ethnicity. Those are genuine points to dismantle the party for good in South Sudan for civilian’s safety unless those who have psychological disorder might disputes the reality.

The question might come, is it the SPLM which is the curse or President Kiir is the curse? The answer is both the SPLM and President Kiir Kuethpiny are the curse to the nation. Why God created Kiir Mayardit in South Sudan? Why God took away the lives of good people during the liberation struggle and leave this current President in Juba and his cohorts?

More interestingly, audiences/masses might ask for the definition of the SPLM as the Party in South Sudan. According to my own observation, SPLM can be defined in various ways but first it can be refer as the party that was formed by killers, hooligans, thieves and triblaists leaders in 1983 and is continuing killing the civilians on basis of ethnicity and political affiliation in South Sudan and the leadership structures is control by one ethnicity that call itself rulers of the Nation.

In other word, it can be defined as the “Red bag” that contains political sycophants, rotten thieves; tribalists that always work on what each and individual get and put aside the interest of civilians in the Country.

It could as well be defined as the “black house” where you could get prostitutes, thieves, tribalists, illiterates, Literates, cowboys and village boys combined together in order to loot the resources of the country using the slogan of “ the SPLM oyeee, SPLM akuma bi tana” and divisive language characterized by primitiveness, hooliganism , sectarianism and nepotism.

In fact, its formation in 1983 was basically to fight for the rights and aspirations of South Sudanese from North Sudan, which was eventually changed after the Independence of South Sudan in 2011 to looting and dictatorship tendencies in the Country up to this particular period of time, where there is a council of elders that always determine the future of the Country. What a disgrace and shame?

Subsequently, after the departure of Dr. John Garang in 2005, the current dictator President Salva Kiir Mayardit was endorsed by the group of SPLM Oyees to lead the people of South Sudan up to this particular period of time where South Sudanese divided themselves based on ethnicities and communities across the country. Newsite meeting of 2005 that proposed Kiir to be the leader in South Sudan is what has lead to the massacre of the civilians in Juba 2013. Anyone who endorsed this illiterate incumbent President in Juba has fully contributed to the killings of the civil population as well.

Hence, since the inception of the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan in 2011 up to date, SPLM has been known as the party that is being lead by hooligans and professional thieves that aims of looting the resources of the South Sudanese that could be use instead for developing infrastructures, hospitals and schools that citizens should benefits from.

SPLM is known as the party that always killed innocent civilians on basis of ethnicity. How can such a useless party exist in South Sudan? Most of the civilians were killed in December 2013 in Juba due to the crisis that emerged within the party that had no connection with civilians in the Country. If SPLM is the party of Ethnicity not for a Country, than this is the right time to dismantle it for good in order for civilians to stay peacefully across the Country. The safety of civilians across the country should be the major concern rather than stomach gains and riches.

Most of the SPLM leaders are tribalists, corrupts, illiterates that is why most of them don’t value human lives and suffering across the Country. Tribalism is being practiced by the leaders within the SPLM as the ruling party. Most of the civilians were killed on the basis of ethnicities and madness that is among the South Sudanese who claimed to be politicians while their upstairs is empty educationally and they lack maturity in thinking as well. What they always focus at is what one get in order to achieve his/her interest. What a myopic thinking? SPLM is the Curse in South Sudan! Any one supporting the existence of this party is hopeless who only care for his/her stomach not people safety. A country is called “Country” when there are people living in it but if all people are killed on daily basis due to the party politics than, is good to say enough is enough.

SPLM leadership has failed the Country and therefore should be dismantle immediately. If the death of the party is announce I could voluntarily be a chief guest to preside over its burial when given the mandate by all South Sudanese as an Independent Journalist for the Nation. This party is the problematic to everybody and is now turn to a tribal party that is mandated to castrates boys, rape girls and women and carryout genocide across the Country specifically in the Southern Unity State of Leer, Koch, Mayendit.

The current killing that is going on in Southern Unity State is motivated by the leaders who called themselves SPLM leaders. People assume that all the civilians in Southern Unity State should be kills in order to reduce votes of Dr. Machar in 2018 coming elections. That is absolutely a childish thinking. God ALMIGHTY has the purpose of creating Dok Nuer, Nyuong Nuer , Haak Nuer, Bul Nuer, Jagei Nuer, Leek Nuer, Jikany Nuer in Unity State, any one who is advocating to finish up civilians in Southern Unity will soon get his or her death.

Moreover, Corruption within the SPLM members is something known internationally, regionally and locally. Most of the top fifteen (15) members who are part of the disappearance of 4.5 million dollars are SPLM Leaders. How can a party that always aim of training thieves, killers is allow again ruling the Country for 30 months? Does it mean that; South Sudan has no capable leaders who could be given opportunity apart from this argentocracy current government functioning with the use of money to kills others?

However, a thief is defined as a person who steels, especially secretly or without open force; one guilty of theft or larceny. The party known as the SPLM is a centre for professional thieves and useless human beings on earth therefore the party deserve to be dismantle for good in order for the South Sudanese people to be safe from sexual harassment, rape, torture, killings and cannibalism that had happened in Juba on 16th, 17th, and 18th of December 2013 respectively.

Anyone who support, SPLM party to exist in South Sudan is a curse to the country and therefore I call upon the living God of the universe and South Sudan should deal with such person properly.

Anyone who is celebrating the unification of the SPLM members is primitive who don’t projects the suffering of South Sudanese in time to come.

Author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on Human Rights and Democratization. He could be contact on

UN says over 7 million people are food insecure in South Sudan

November 24, 2015 (NEW YORK) – The United Nations (UN) has rung an alarm bell in which it announced the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the war-ravaged South Sudan with over 7 million people at risk of starvation, almost 70% of the country’s overall population.

JPEG - 47.7 kb
Staff from the UN World Food Programme (WFP) register displaced people at the Eastern Bank transit camp in South Sudan’s Western Bahr el Ghazal state on 29 August 2014 (ST)

The announcement was made in New York by the UN secretary general’s spokesman, Dujarric at a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday.

“From South Sudan, our humanitarian colleagues say that the situation there continues to deteriorate,” Dujarric said.

“Humanitarian agencies report that an estimated 7.5 million people are now food insecure and an unprecedented malaria outbreak is affecting nearly all the states in South Sudan.”

Over 2.3 million people have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict began, according to the UN estimates.

The situation is aggravated by the ongoing conflict in the region despite the peace deal signed in August between the warring parties in the world’s youngest nation.

The mostly affected areas are the opposition strongholds in the greater Upper Nile region from which majority supporters of the opposition leader, Riek Machar, hail.

Meanwhile, the Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan, Eugene Owusu, has strongly condemned the armed robbery of the Nile Hope NGO compound in Juba on Friday in which aid workers were held at gunpoint and significant assets were taken.

This is the latest in a string of violent incidents affecting aid agencies. In October alone, humanitarian partners reported 32 cases of attempted or successful robbery, burglary and looting, including 15 in Juba the capital alone.

Ethiopia, Sudan approve to launch free trade zone

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

November 24, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) – The joint technical committee of Ethiopia and Sudan Tuesday has approved an agreement to establish free trade zone between the two countries in a bid to strengthen economic ties.

JPEG - 45.1 kb
A road leading to Ethiopia-Sudan border (Photo

The approval is a follow-up to a previous joint technical committee meeting in Khartoum where the two neighbours reach an initial agreement to establish free trade zones based on mutual interest.

Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister for Finance and Economic Cluster and Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Debretsion Gebremichael, told reporters that a Joint Committee drawn from both countries has been formed to conduct a study on ways of implementing the agreement within the next three months.

When implemented the free zone will generate investment opportunities and further enhance trade exchange.

It was disclosed that currencies of the two countries will be used in the free trade zone.The joint commitee, the Ethiopian minister said will also be tasked to undertake a study on ways of filling the gap on the use of currency.

The two countries have also agreed to open commercial banks on their respective capitals, a matter that the joint t technical body will consider the best ways to implement within the slated period of time.

Sudanese vice-president Hasabo Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, said the trade zone will further bolster the longstanding historical and economic ties of the two countries and expressed commitment to implement the agreement accordingly.

Ethiopia and Sudan have already signed cooperation agreements on trade, investment, energy, security, air transport and other social aspects, among others.

They also have a joint project in progress aimed to link their borders with rail ways which is believed to boost their trade volume and people to people relationships.

It is to be recalled that land transport service between the two neighbours has been launched in April last year.

According to the Ethiopian ministry of tourism, Sudan stands 7th, next to USA, China, UK, Kenya, Italy and France in sending tourists to Ethiopia.

About 513 Sudanese companies with a combined capita of 37 billion birr capital are currently engaged in various investment sectors in Ethiopia.

During the joint technical committee, the two countries have expressed commitment to improve economic integration in the horn of Africa’s region.

Breaking News: Ugandan Forces Return To South Sudan

untitledUgandan’s UPDF entering South Sudan teritory(Photo: file)

November 24, 2015(Africans Press) Last night at around 10 PM, 20 truckload of UPDF entered south Sudan from Nimule and headed towards Juba. As we had reported here previously, Juba had sent high-level officials to Kampala requesting for Military convoy escorts along Juba Nimule Road.

In addition over the weekend, Ugandan and South Sudanese high-level military officers held a closed-door meeting in Nimule, its theme was not disclosed but it was deemed this was for the reasons of, seeking Uganda’s full return in South Sudan, in pretext of Security on Nimule Juba Road.

The head of the South Sudanese delegations to the Nimule meeting between the two nation was thought to be a high ranking Security chief, A Major General who fell into ambush on Mt.Gordon and lost his life in the encounter as his Vehicle rolled into the gorges of the Mountain.

It was reported by some media, Uganda actually had not withdrawn its forces as stipulated in the peace agreement but rather is absorbed into the SPLA-JUBA units and are principally stationed in Nesitu near Juba. This flagrant disregard to the peace deal by Uganda has now added to the injury and suffering of the people of South Sudan. Kiir has been emboldened by the presences of Uganda without questions as he makes moves to prosecute the war more intensely now in the Equatorian regions.

In another developments, Philip Aguer had announced Juba has started pulling its forces out of the Capital to 25 miles out as stipulated by the peace agreement, but these very same Soldiers headed to Pageri, which is 85 miles South of Juba. This will be in Violations of the peace deal as the soldiers has not kept with the agreed 25 miles but rather Kiir is instead putting foothold and a grip in localities where he is not welcomed. Indeed if he were to replicate this game, then the end result is blanketing his forces all over the country to reinforce his tribal dominance for the purpose of JCE stated colonization of South Sudan.

The silence of IGAD-plus is saddening in condemning Musseveni and Kiir in prolonging the sufferings of South Sudanese, as they violate peace deals and defy the international communities.

Breaking News: Press Release: Formation of Armed Struggle in WES and Alliance with SPLM-IO




Date : 23rd Novembers 2015
Press Release: Formation of Armed Struggle in WES and Alliance with SPLM-IO
The Arrow Boys who have been fighting and resisting tyranny and oppression in Western Equatoria ( under the command of Major General Alfred Futiyo Karaba) would like to declare solemnly this day that they have selected Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga, as chairman, to lead them to victory in their struggle against the oppressive tribal regime in Juba. With this also the Arrow Boys/Girls do hereby declare themselves to be under a new name of South Sudan People’s Patriotic Front (SSPPF) because it is the people who have been fighting to defend themselves against unpatriotic tribal dictatorial regime.

In which is only interested in furthering its tribal agenda without thinking about the country which our forefathers and recently our brothers and sisters sacrificed for with over 2 million lives to achieve the CPA in in 2005 and finally Independence in 2011. It seems the Juba tribal clique regime under Salva Kiir Mayaradit have no love to build a nation out of South Sudan after we achieved the goal of liberating South Sudan from Arab clique regime and instead they replaced the Arab clique regime with tribal clique, corrupt and repressive regime under an incompetent leadership.
For us in WES we are patriotic citizens who love this country, South Sudan and given the chance we will build it into a great and civilized nation where human rights are observed, where there will be freedom, where equality and justice will rule, where the National Army will compose of all nationalities fairly balanced and based on competence, where all Institutions of Government will be open to all tribes based on equality and competence, where security of all the citizens will be guaranteed with no more arbitrary arrests, torture and killings, where also women will have equal opportunities to participate in the matters of the state as a free nation.
The armed struggle and leadership of the Arrow Boys had existed for a long time even before December 2013, but due to the arbitrarily killings by the tribal regime which is trying to destroy leadership from all other tribes in order to build a tribal kingdom minus other tribes, we had to be extra cautious to protect our leaders and build the movement silently until it was a power to reckon with like now. Contrary to previous claims the Arrow Boys had not been part of other resistance groups operating in WES like SPLM-IO and REMNASA and had been maintaining their separate commands until this month when we made initial desire for alliance and possible integration with SPLM-IO and we sent delegates to Fangak to meet the chairman of the SPLM-IO while we were busy trying to unify our forces for one purpose of taking on the new challenges facing South Sudan in light of the Compromise Peace Agreement imposed by IGAD-Plus . The SSPPF (Arrow Boys) is therefore calling for the following:
1. Recognition and alliance with other South Sudan Resistance movements for the removal of tribal dictatorship from South Sudan.
2. The leadership of SSPPF( Arrow Boys) in Western Equatoria is ready to unite its forces with SPLM-IO for the purpose of implementation the Compromise Peace Agreement and for arriving at a lasting peace which guarantees freedom and really democracy without tolerating any form of tribalism and corruption in the new Republic of South Sudan.
3. The people affiliated to Arrow boys is the majority in Western Equatoria with every household belonging to the Arrow boys and not the people allied to the clique regime of Salva Kiir in Juba. As such if Compromise Peace can proceed then we shall demand Western Equatoria to be the third state in governorship belonging to Opposition Government because there will be no peace in WES in Transitional period if IGAD-Plus Compromise peace deal gives WES to minority clique who allied themselves with tribal regime of Salva Kiir.
4. SSPPF Calls on IGAD-Plus to implement the Compromise Agreement for a really democratic and Free Nation South Sudan instead of supporting a tribal hegemony to continue in the name of ending rebellion and suffering. The double standard of Western countries in applying democracy process is the one contributing to suffering of many human beings in other African countries as they fail to isolate and remove dictators from power so that calm and security could return sooner to the concerned countries. We do not want this to repeat in South Sudan where wars and suffering will persist for generations like in Somalia because the dictator is just entertained.
5. We have been concerned and reserved by the IGAD Plus insistence in imposing peace which still leaves dictatorship and tribal regime in power to continue to commit horrendous crimes against humanity in South Sudan. The cost of long term dictatorship and tribal regime will be much higher than the cost of freeing the people of south Sudan from tribal dictatorship once for all. As such we decided to name our armed struggle and political resistance as SSPPF and keep our option open for fighting and resistance to remove the tribal and dictatorial regime should the Compromise Peace process not be working like we have seen how much delays in its implementation and how much Salva Kiir continues to violate the accord and practice tribalism under the IGAD-Plus watchful eyes: like naming of SPLM tribal Secretariat and illegal amendment of constitution for the purpose of advancing tribal policies of creating 18 states meant to support tribal hegemony over the rest of the 63 tribes of South Sudan.
6. While the delay in Implementing the Compromise Peace deal goes on the tribal dictatorial regime of Salva Kiir continues to murder people and uproot civilians from their homes in Western Equatoria and in all other South Sudan states using his tribal militia of Mathiang Anyoor which has become the de facto Army of South Sudan. Such conditions of peace are unacceptable and really peace and security has to return for the citizens before we can be assured that the Compromise Peace agreement can resolve the conflict in South Sudan.

Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga
Chairman and Commander in Chief
SSPPF( Arrow Boys in WES)

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